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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I'm evaluating Ultracompare. I am trying to use it as my diff/merge tool with Accurev. Is there any way to merge 2 input files (read only) into a third output file? The command line option -o is close, but I want to manually merge (-o is automatic merge). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
There is a read only merge mode. But it can be invoked only from the command line as described in help about the command line options:

UC help wrote: For Read Only Merge Mode the following syntax must be used:

uc -rom <path1> <path2> <path3>

<path1> and <path2> specify the files that are to be compared, but the intent is not to modify the original files at all during the compare/merge process. The file specified in <path1> will be copied to <path3> for comparison/merge. The file specified with <path3> will be displayed in the left pane and the file specified with <path2> will be displayed in the right pane. Please note: It will only be possible to merge into the document specified with <path3>. The file this is being compared to will be locked as Read Only.

But you can also compare 2 files with read only attribute set and merge the changes to one of the 2 files and when you click on Save Merge Changes, you simply specify a different file name to save the result into a third file.
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Thanks for the suggestion. But the -rom option still doesn't quite work the way Accurev wants it to. The only way I could get that working resulted in merging right to left, which seems counter intuitive to me. No worries, though... just thought I would try UC with it.

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