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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I use Uedit V 13.00a+2.

I have configured a project on a Linux machine by loading my source files from FTP and then in Project-Project Settings choosing +All open files.

I configured a Project tool to call a script on My linux machine to build the project. All is good except I would love to run ctags to browse the project. Is there any way to do this?

I know that I can use the advanced tab of the FTP browser to create a backup folder on my windows machine so that every time that I save my source files, they will save on my windows machine as well. I just don't see any way to associate this method with a project though.

Any thoughts.

So Close.

Does Studio provide me with this capability?
I have managed to get ctags to work with SFTP files with partial success. The files are stored on a unix server, and I run ctags on there to produce the tags file. Then I use a Perl script I wrote to change all the file names in the tags file to a syntax UltraEdit can understand, e.g. FTP::<FTP account name>\/<path>. Then I put the resultant tags file on a local drive visible to Windows. I set up a project in the same way as you did, and associated the tags file with the project.

It partially works, in that when I try to find a symbol, the correct file is loaded up, but it doesn't jump to the actual line containing the reference.

Does anyone else know a better way of doing it? I've tried other ways of accessing the files under Windows, e.g. trying to mount an sftp server as a drive, but can't find a free way to do this. If I could do this and see the files as if they were on a local drive, ctags should work completely.
Thanks Danr,

Clever, but a lot of work. I wish that IDM would address this issue with remote machines faster. There are a lot of embedded developers out there who must build with cross tools on remote machines.

just wondering if this feature of tags over ftp/ssh has been implemented yet. I'm considering buying UE but only if this feature is present.

This feature is not implemented until today, 14.00a+3.
Please write a feature request to IDM, I am missing that one too...
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
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