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I have an ASP project which contains some asp files and more than 4.000 html files.

Each time I open my project, UEStudio analyses all those files. How can I disable this analysis ?

I just need to keep autocompletion and the list of the functions of the current file.

Thnaks for your help,

I think, there is no option to disable parsing all project files on project load when using the UEStudio internal parser. Best is to ask IDM support per email, if there is already such an option or not and post the answer here.

If there is really no such option as I suppose, write a feature request email because for large projects with hundreds and thousands of files it is really better to have a "Parse all project files" command in the toolbar/menu which is executed when the user thinks it is necessary and not always automatically on project load, although the internal parser parses for symbols only in those files which were changed since last parse of the current file (according to help, not verified with for example Filemon).

When using CTags instead of the integrated IntelliTips parser there is already such an option in the project settings. So why should the IntelliTips parser not have also such an option.
Best regards from Austria
Gets my vote !

There is no such thing as an inconsistently correct system...
Therefore, aim for consistency; in the expectation of reaching correctness!

Thanks for your reply.
Is it possible to say to UEStudio to analyze only certain file types (eg : asp files and not html files )?

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