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There any settings on Mozilla Firefox Browser (v UE wizard section.

Does different way exist so that UE can do that?

PS. I see that UE has few updates while Internet Browser changes quickly.

Are you talking about UltraEdit - abbreviated UE - or UltraSentry - abbreviated US?

Why should UltraSentry be updated when the format of the files and where to find it have not been changed for newer versions of a browser?

New browser versions often have only new features, better support for the standards and bug fixes, but where and how the user data is stored is not changed (downwards compatibility).
Best regards from Austria
I'm agree with you but the question is how to delete "Recently Closed tabs" of Mozilla Firefox browser by US?

Hmm I'm not world champion on this subject, and I'm not a US user, but as far as my experience goes, the contents of "Recently closed tabs" is not saved when firefox is closed.

So US should only focus on the navigation history as I suppose it already does.
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