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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I'm trying to understand my options using Folder Compare and I seem to be having a problem.

I have two files whose contents are identical as verified by a Fast Binary compare. The timestamp and file names are different.

Folder compare (Full) is showing them as different. Are their options to check the contents of the file only?

Can I ignore differences in the time stamp?

Can I ignore small differences in the file name?

As I continue to research this issue... It appears that the time stamp is not the issue as I have files with different time stamps and the same names and contents which are being shown (in Folder compare) as identical.

Is it the name? or is the fast binary compare not identifying a subtle difference?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Folder compare works on a per file basis. Files are compared according to their names. A file in folder 1 is compared with a file in folder 2 when it has the same file name and extension. Differences are allowed only for the letters a-z. But only when comparing a directory with an other directory on Windows where no case sensitivity exists. UltraCompare displays the file names always in lower case.

I never have run a folder compare between a local directory and an FTP directory, but most WWW servers are Unix/Linux servers and their file systems are case sensitive on file names. "File1.htm" is a different file than "file1.htm". Both files can be in the same directory on Unix/Linux. On Windows this is not possible.

At Options - Configuration - Compare - Folder you can specify the compare mode. Basic means only file date and file size are compared. Full means file date is ignored and a simple byte by byte comparison is done. Smart is an "intelligent" compare which needs much time. Only use it when really necessary.
Best regards from Austria
I have same problems as Studley.

The Symptom: Folder compare says contents diff, but file compare says identical.

The Configuration:
Folder compare: Full - byte by byte;
File compare: Binary.

I copied a folder then compare these two folders.
It says: Same time, but different content; 10 - 10.
I then click on any one file in the "status" plane, it then does binary compare, and says: The files are identical.

I found Folder Compare does work fine under windows XP.
Under W2000, or comparing folders between XP and W2000, the problem is obvious and easy to reproduce.

(I also see the program starts to compare when there is only one file. It does make no sense.)
It seems there is an issue with UNC file paths.

Please try to compare any small folder in your box against itself, using the following paths: C:\AnySmallFolder and \\MyBox\c$\AnySmallFolder.

All the files and folders contained are being reported as same date (and size), but different content... :?

\\MyBox\c$\AnySmallFolder against \\MyBox\c$\AnySmallFolder are also being reported as different content, while C:\AnySmallFolder against C:\AnySmallFolder are identical as expected.

My box is a WinXP SP2, UC v5.10, all in spanish. No difference in results between "Basic" or "Full" folder compare option.



EDIT: Seems to be solved in UC v5.10+2 (hotfix) for "Basic" option. It's still present for "Full".
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