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I'm certain I have the English version of UES - but for some reason, many of the function 'hints' in the gl_php.php file have non-English help?


function mysql_connect([string server [, string uziv_jmeno [, string heslo [, bool nove_spojeni [, int nastaveni_klienta]]]]]);

What is a uziv_jmeno ?

Anyway, does anyone know if there's an alternate download for the gl_php.php file that's all in English?


Quite funny :lol: I downloaded the latest English version of UES and as far as I can see, the parameters for all mysql functions are in Czech language.

Attached to my post is an updated version of gl_php.php with English parameters for mysql function.

I will send it also to IDM Support, so they can include it in a future UES versions.


Thanks a bunch :) I wasn't sure what was going on.
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