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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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I configured UeStudio for compiling drivers from Microsoft DDK with BUILD utility. All working except Uestudio overwrites my own makefile and BUILD utility can not compile my project correctly.
I did not know anything about Make utility from Microsoft DDK.
In my opinion simply it has not own Make utility. And MAKEFILE must be created manually.

How can i disable generation of makefile?
Or tell me about better solve.

P.S: Sorry for mistakes. English is not my native language
What happens when you simply set the read-only file attribute on your self-made makefile?
Best regards from Austria
MyMake simply tells "Cannot save makefile" and build process will stop

I found a solution. I rename my self-made makefile to the buildfile
BUILD utility from Microsoft DDK call nmake utility for parsing my makefile. Nmake utility has key /fFileName in CommandLine. This key allow using different file than MakeFile.
Now All work.

It's interesting. I use UEStudio for 3 compilers: Fasm, VectorC86 and Microsoft DDK build. And all these compilers does not need makefile from MyMake utility from UEStudio.

Really is it impossible to disable generation of makefile?
I think no, but I'm not an expert about the compiler settings. I have only found in help of UEStudio the page [General] Compiler Section (tab Contents - Compiler Configuration) where it is explained how to specify a different make tool.

Best you ask IDM support per email to get a definite answer for

Does a "Disable generation of makefile" setting exist?
Best regards from Austria
Thanks a lot Mofi
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