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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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The current configuration in UEStudio is for Intel C++ 7.
Is there a configuration for Intel C++ 10 ?
No. Most of the available configurations are made by users and send by email to IDM. I suggest you create a backup of all files in subdirectory "configs/Intel C++ Compiler", then open the files in UEStudio and adapt it to v10 of the compiler. When the adapted configs are working fine, send them to IDM by email.
Best regards from Austria
I am new to UEStudio (but old user of UltraEdit), just downloaded it for a "test drive".
In the last few hours I started looking into the configuration syntax and the idea is getting clear.
I will try to create a configuration for ICL 10.0 and send it back to IDM.
Thanks for your advice !
Armando A B.
Seen a above posts for 10.x version of intel c++ compiler configuration.

Anyone got posted a configuration for that yet, or has a configuration for UEStudio for the currently latest version 11.0 of the intel c++ compiler?
Do the same as armandoab for v10 according to my suggestions. Compilers are often very compatible to previous versions. So I think you have to change only a few entries in the existing configs for Intel C++ 7.1. I guess you have to adapt only Version = 70 at [Settings] referenced several times with $(Version) in the section [Environment] where the registry keys of the Intel compiler are defined.
Best regards from Austria
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