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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Great fan of UC, but would love to be able to compare files and folders that exists on both sides only.

This would be a massive help to us during our release process!

Any chance of getting it put in?

As workaround til this feature is available in Folder Compare you can use the Syncronize Dirs.. feature of Total Commander. TC is shareware and can be download from .
Best regards from Austria
Or just get the best shareware utility of its kind, Beyond Compare 2.xx
UC is nice but IMHO cannot compete BC.
Yes, I agree Beyond Compare is the best. If UltraCompare gets close to Beyond Compare in features I will purchase it. I am a HUGE fan of UE, but I am using Beyond Compare for now...
We have just recently released UltraCompare v2.00 and there are a lot of new features here.

You can sort on the Status in a folder compare so that you could easily see which items are unique to the source/destination directory.

We will ask the developers to consider adding an option to compare only items that exist in both the source and destination folders in a future release.

Thanks, Troy
THe reason for asking for the ommission of files/folders that are not on both sides is that we have to do a lot of netword share comparisons. This can take a really long time to perform, and when our release folder only has say 15 files and the live folder has probably >300, it would be a nice feature.

Would also help us stop missing some of the changes due to sheer volume.

Still a great tool - Love it!
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