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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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Since version 14.00, I noticed that UltraEdit creates *.pui files next to my prj files. The name is always ""

Does anybody know what these files are for? Also is there any way to make UE stop creating them?


This is because of the new "Separate project file for user-specific and workspace information" feature that was added in v14. When I emailed IDM to ask them whether it was possible to disable this feature they said it could not be disabled but they could consider making it a configuration option in the future.

If you would also like the option to disable this feature I suggest you email IDM support to tell them as well.

Edit: IDM introduced a new configuration setting with UE v15.00 and UES v9.00. With Save Project information for use on multiple systems enabled at Advanced - Configuration - File Handling - Advanced the file name for *.pui is just project.pui and therefore identical on all computers and for all user accounts. With configuration setting Store project user interface (pui) files in profile directory introduced with UE v17.20 and UES v11.20 it is possible to select the location of the *.pui files as explained on help page Advanced (Configuration - File Handling).
After I've begun to use rsync to sync between a central storage and two computers (my laptop at work and a virtual machine at home) I find it highly annoying since I want to open the same workspace weather I'm at home or at work. Due to this naming convention I have to change the file-name each time I sync. (I can't reach the laptop from home through vpn, otherwise I would have done that instead, it would've been much preferred).

So, I will definitely send off a mail to idm as well.
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