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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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is it possible to Group similar files of Ansi c??

Like this:
C- Files
|- File1.c
|- File2.c
|- File3.c
|- ...

H- Files
|- File1.h
|- File2.h
|- File3.h

|- File_x.ASM
|- File_y.txt

I use UE Professional Text/Hex editor
Version 14.00a

When using a project and selecting tab Project in the File Tree View the answer for your question is YES.
But the answer is NO if you don't use a project or you use the Explorer tab.
Best regards from Austria
Hi, thanks a lot,...
but how??
I didn't find sth. like tab Project or Explorer tab??

I'm using a project, but there is a total chaos like this:


How can i put it in order??

So you are talking about the Project Settings dialog and not the File Tree View which can be enabled/disabled at Views - Views/Lists - File Tree View.

See the power tips Group Files and Folders with Projects and Project Settings - Advanced Project Options. Which names you give the groups and which filters you specify for each group is up to you.
Best regards from Austria
Hey, thank you ,...
This link is cool, it helped me a lot :) ,...

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