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It's a set of sdk for developing homebrew application in psp platform(mips), I have tried myself to convert the current available configs for mingw compiler, but still can't get it to work. It still doesn't create the .ebp .prx file when build. Anybody can help? Can send a request to IDM to support this?
The compiler is available here:
You can send a request to IDM support, but I'm quite sure you will get only a friendly NO. IDM has only created the configs for compilers they use themselves. Most of the configs are created by users which read deeply into the manuals of the compilers and the help of UEStudio how to customize compiler configs.

I'm sure UEStudio can be used as IDE also for this compiler. You just have to get the right config for this compiler. If there is no other user which has already done this and shares the config file with you, you will have to study yourself the manuals of the compiler and find the correct command lines for the config file.
Best regards from Austria
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