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I use UEStudio for more than two years for PHP development. I think it is missing one very useful feature: it should be possible to select some function/class name and find the place of it's definition. There is already project tree which allows to do it by clicking on it's item. But if I could just press "Find symbol" like in C projects - it would be nice...
I don't have any PHP project, but I quickly created a PHP file, saved it and added it to one of my 'C' projects and tested it. As you can see on my first screenshot I had the cursor inside the function setSomething and clicked on "Find Symbol" in the toolbar. Now UEStudio suggested in an extra window the location of the function definition to jump to as you can see on my second screenshot. If I press now key RETURN or click into this extra window, UEStudio sets the cursor into the definition line of that function. So I can't understand your feature request. It looks like it is already working, at least for that simple test I have done.


Best regards from Austria
Ooops... thanks, it now works fine. :oops:
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