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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I'm attempting to merge only part of a "blue" area.

for example:
if the right side blue area has only 1 text line in it, and the left side has 5, I may wish to only bring over the last two lines from the left over to the right. Think of this as maintaining two branches of a file. HOWEVER, UC forces me to copy the entire left side Blue area to the right side, overwritting the one line I wanted to keep on the right side.

Has anyone found a work around to this? I've looked through the docs, but haven't found anything?

I can do this type of modified merge using beyond compare (my employer supplies that but I like the ability to invoke UC from within UE). BC only highlights the difference areas, the user must then SELECT the lines to merge over.

I was just comparing two 1,000 plus line documents, being able to replace specified lines only would be an amazine feature.
I really need this feature also. Having to merge all of the diff or none does not come in handy most of the time.
You can get part of this by choosing Edit ==> Advanced Merge ==> Merge First to Second (Before) or any of the other three choices.

It would be nice to be able to copy and paste from one side to the other (or type stuff in). :)
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