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Find, replace, find in files, replace in files, regular expressions
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Scan and select entire lines that have more than 4 occurrences of the colon ":" character in them.
Perl regex:

Fantastic! :mrgreen:
I'm back nearly a decade later to ask for a string that does the opposite. So instead of selecting lines with, say, 5 more than ":" in them, how about lines with 5 or LESS ":" in them? I suspect it's a trivial modification.

Example text block:

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The first line should not be found/selected, but each other line should be found and selected by the regular expression find.
Use as Perl regular expression search string: ^(?:[^:\r\n]+|(?:[^:\r\n]*?:){1,5}[^:\r\n]*)(?:\r?\n|\r|$)

This regular expression selects an entire line including line termination containing at least 1 character (empty lines are ignored) and not containing any colon or just 1 to 5 colons.
Best regards from Austria
Works perfect, thanks.
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