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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Hello, I have UC 6.0

I first compared folder directories, On the right side, I have a bunch of text types, how can I go from comparing folders to text in the same window? What I am trying to do is compare the contents of the text files from both folders.

Can this be done?
Yes, just double click on a line with the 2 files in the folder compare results view which you want to compare with a text or binary compare. A new tab in the same UltraCompare window will open and show you the text (for text files) or binary (for binary files) compare result.

Attention: Close the tab of the text compare window and not the UC main window. Otherwise you close the text compare and the folder compare.

If you want to do a text compare of files with different names from within the folder compare, you have to right click on the files and click on the context menu items like in context menu of Windows Explorer.

PS: You should update to latest version of UltraCompare Professional. The tabs of the compare windows are now by default at top because many users have overlooked them.
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Ok, but I want to compare all the text files, not just one at a time. Or am I not understanding right
So you want to run a basic folder compare and then on all the text files are full-text based compare with the text compare options.

Why do you not run directly a smart folder compare? This folder compare mode does not compary binary files with a text compare, but compares text files with the options for manually executed text compares.

Or you run the smart folder compare only on files with an extension you have specified in the "Set Filter" in the options dialog. You can save profiles for fast running a compare with once saved compare options.

But it is not possible directly to run first a basic folder compare and then compare some or all text files listed on both sides with a smart folder compare. Such a 2 step process is not possible yet.
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Hi, I am still not following what you mean, I dont fully undertstand your terms. Can you walk me through it please? sorry to sound like an idiot.

All I am trying to accomplish is to compare 2 directories that contain txt files. I want to compare the contents of these text files.

When I do a folder mode, I get whats in the folder between A and B directories, but I am also interested in the contents of whats in A and B directories, the type column is showing "text" but I cant click on all of them, just one at a time and that opens another session

Also, I assume we are referencing 6.0

Thanks for helping.
First you should upate to latest version which is v6.10.0.1008. Your registration key should work also for this version.

If I understand you correct you want to run a folder compare on text files in a folder and you want to see all the differences between text files with identical names at once in one text compare window. Sorry, but that is not possible. You can only run a basic/full/smart folder compare and then double click on every line with not identical files to open an individual text compare session in a new tab for a file pair to see the differences of the 2 files. It is not possible to see all differences of all not identical files in one text compare window.

If you want to see all differences of all not identical files you have to merge the content of all files in folder 1 into 1 big text file and the content of all files in folder 2 into a second big text file and compare these 2 big text files. The script posted at Merge / combine / copy the content of text into a new file may help you here. It's a good idea in your case to insert the name of the file from where a text was copied above the copied text. The script is already prepared for that task too. You just have to remove some // to achieve that as written in the comments of the script.

Also possible is to create a batch file which runs UltraCompare Prof. with text compare on all file pairs with writing the compare results into 1 text file per file pair. Then you can merge the compare result files. See in help of UltraCompare Prof. the page with the command line options.
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THIS is "AWESOME"! I was hoping to find a way to easlily run a text compare for the two files that are in different folders of a folder compare... Double-click - done! How sweet to find it here in the forum!
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