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How do I start UltraSentry during my XP startup without having the program open up?

I added it to my start folder, and set the properties to minimize, but it still opens up the UltraSentry window when my XP machine boots.

There needs to be a configuration option to add UltraSentry to startup and minimize it to the system tray during this startup process.


We think this is a non-issue/resolved. On a previous problem report (via email through support) we asked the user to check "Launch Scheduler at Startup" under the Scheduler Tab of the Configuration dialog menu.

We have tested this here and it works as expected.

If the user is additionally adding US to the Startup menu, this would in fact launch US.

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Team IDM.
Take a look on the Configuration dialog of UltraSentry. On General tab there is the option Minimize to System Tray.

But UltraSentry v6.00 and some previous versions offer a special feature called Stealth Mode to launch UltraSentry on Windows startup without opening a window or showing its icon in the system tray. So there is no shortcut needed in the startup folder of Windows start menu, just Launch UltraSentry in Stealth Mode automatically must be enabled.
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