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Integrated Development Environment issues like IntelliTips, Resource Editor, and the ClassViewer (with the Tags tab selected in the Workspace Manager).
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I was looking through the forum and I haven't found any support for unreal script. I was wondering how I might go about adding support for Unreal Script myself. I saw the list of supported languages and saw unreal script wasn't in there.

I managed to build my ctags file fairly easily, but then nothing would come up in the classviewer, so I was hoping to find out how I could make things work for Unreal Script. I'm using UES '

The built-in classviewer of the IDE of UEStudio supports only a few languages and does not use the database created by ctags. The ctags database is used only by the Find Symbol command. The classviewer uses only the tags database files created by the built-in tags parser (ues_ctags.exe). A compare of a tags file created by ctags.exe with a tags file created by ues_ctags.exe showed me that the tags database files created by ues_ctags.exe contain additional information.

You have to contact IDM support by email and ask how to customize the built-in tags parser for an additional language if that is possible at all. Nothing was ever published about customizing the built-in parser for an additional language.
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Seems in UES 12, ctags.exe and ues_ctags.exe are different Ctags versions from Exuberant (type e.g. "ues_ctags.exe --help" in cmd box)
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