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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Anyone know what/where this is? I don't find it in "View - View/Lists", nor in the help, nor if I do a search on the UE web pages. It is not "placed on the top of the GUI" in my config.

Here is what the IDM email says:

Quick Open Address Bar
Access your files faster and easier. The address bar is conveniently placed on the top of the GUI. The address bar also provides auto-complete as you type!
The open address bar is a toolbar, not a view. If you use a customized toolbar, you need to update it. Or you switch to one of the standard environments / layouts / toolbars which were updated with the upgrade to version 15.00.
Thanks, found it. Got it by replacing my custom toolbar. The "Search Box" did not appear in the right-side list when I tried to customize original "Main" toolbar, but it did after I replaced it.

Odd behavior -- The Open Bar seemed to show up in the Configure: Toolbar customization list, but not in the View Toolbars list, at least until I replaced my toolbar config. Down side - I had to rebuild my toolbar setup.
It is not possible to add the open address bar in your own toolbar config at the moment.
(IDM will add this feature in a future release).
But you can add it manually by editing the according *.tb1 file with UltraEdit:

Add the following line at the right place you need it:

The other standard line for the old search box is:

You can also use this new box as calculator:
Just type e.g. "2+2=" in the box!


Hint by Mofi: The number before the ID is for the width of the combo box in pixels. So you can increase the width if you want.
I use UltraEdit 15.10, in 'uedit32.ini' I set like this, but it does not work. Why?
Address Box Width=300
Set the value of Address Box Width in uedit32.ini back to default value -1 because this setting is for something different.

The width in pixels of the open address bar is defined in the toolbar configuration profile file (*.tb1) of the environment/layout you currently use and its copy uedit32.tb0 respectively uestudio.tb0. The default width is 200 pixel.


But you don't need to edit the value in the *.tb1 file manually. You can do that from within UltraEdit. Click with right mouse button on the toolbar options area right the edit field of the open address bar or anywhere on any other toolbar. The edit area of the open address bar has its own context menu. Click with left mouse on context menu item Customize Toolbar.

Context menu of the toolbars
toolbar_context_menu.png (1.84 KiB) Viewed 6537 times

Double click with left mouse button on the Search Box item of the Open Address Bar toolbar and a dialog opens where you can specify the width in pixels of the box. Screenshots made with UE v15.20.0.1022.

Customization dialog for the width of the open address bar search box
customize_open_address_bar_width.png (12.85 KiB) Viewed 6537 times

A manual edit directly in %appdata%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\uedit32.tb0 or %appdata%\IDMComp\UEStudio\uestudio.tb0 and the corresponding *.tb1 file of used environment/layout in same directory is necessary only if a width greater 400 is wanted as the customization dialog limits the width to 400 pixels.
Thanks very much, Mofi. Your reply was so fast.
I got it today. The maximize length of 'Open Address Bar' is 400px, while I like it's maximize length is equal to my screen's display width, I often want to see the whole 'File Path' without moving any mouse.
Thanks again.
I did not know that the width of the open address bar is limited to 400 pixels. Well, I don't use the open address bar because I don't need it and therefore it is not in my toolbar. But I don't see a reason why the width is limited to 400 pixels. Maybe this limit exists only when specifying the width in the dialog. I suggest first to try to increase the width value by editing the *.tb1 and *.tb0 files you use. Independent of the result of this manual width increase I suggest to contact IDM support by email and ask why the width is limited preventing you to span it over full window width. Of course I don't know what happens when you specify a large width (if possible) and then do not use the UltraEdit window maximized. In this case the width would need to be automatically decreased by UltraEdit and I don't know if this is coded.
Like you said, we want 'Open Address Bar' resize itself automatically in the new version.
I found it was empty when its length was smaller than its setting length. Like this:
Open Address Bar is empty.png
Open Address Bar is empty.png (24.44 KiB) Viewed 6510 times

Thank you again.
Okay, please report this by email to IDM support. IDM is not regularly reading in the user-to-user forums and I'm just a user like you with the difference of not being interested for myself on the open address bar. Other users using the open address bar should also request improvements on this bar by email when they share the opinion of sfqfirst. The more users request something the higher the probability to see those improvements in the next released main version of UltraEdit.
Thanks to all who posted here. I would also like to see the full path easily.
The Open address bar can be added to a customized toolbar in UltraEdit for Windows v23.10.0.3 or UEStudio v16.20 or any later version used in Toolbar/Menu Mode with either Contemporary menus or Traditional menus as follows.

  1. Click with secondary (right) mouse button on a toolbar and left click in context menu on Customize.
  2. Switch to second tab Toolbars and enable Open address bar.

  3. Alternatively select on first tab Commands in Categories list on left side the category Miscellaneous at bottom of the list.
  4. The Commands list on right side has Open address bar which must be added to a toolbar by drag & drop.
  5. Click on button Close.
The width of the Open address bar can be customized at Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous with the setting Address box width which accepts also pixel values beyond 400 like 600, 800 or 1000.

Note: A too large value can result in bar not displayed when its position + width does not fit within UE/UES main window.
Best regards from Austria
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