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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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Is there a way to assign a particular environment to a particular project? For example, I have a project that has all HTML files, so I would like to use the Web Developer environment for that project. However, I see no mechanism to assign an environment to a project. So every time I open the project I have to manually use the View menu to pick the Web Developer Environment. I'd like to automate this.
Associating an environment with a project would be a nice feature. It would be cool to be able to specify in the project settings which environment to use for this project, and this environment is automatically applied when opening the project. As far as I know this is currently not possible. Send a feature request email to IDM support.

By default there is the Select Environment command in the MAIN toolbar of all environments for quick selecting a different environment. Also possible would be to assign a hotkey to command EnvironmentSelectMenu for faster opening the Environment Selector dialog.

BTW: Do you open the project from within UE or do you use a shortcut with the project file as parameter? If you use a shortcut, you can also use the command line parameter for the environment, see Open specific file in a different environment.
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Thanks for your quick reply, as usual! I open my projects once I am in UE, but that is certainly an interesting idea of using a command-line open to also specify the environment. I'll give that a try, and I will ask for the feature upgrade.

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