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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I like the new feature of opening a new instance of UltraEdit.

However I would like to be able to right click on the tab for a file I already have opened in UE and then transfer that file into a new instance of UE. Is that possible?

That should be possible. A good idea would be if Advanced - Open New Instance of UltraEdit would open a new instance and when SHIFT is hold while executing the command, the current file is opened in the new instance. You can send a feature request email to IDM.

A workaround could be following:

Configure a user tool with Menu Item Name Open File in New Instance, the Command Line C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\uedit32.exe /fni "%f", an empty Working Directory and on the Options tab Windows Program selected. Next make sure that all other check box options on the Options and Output tab are not enabled and the radio options on the 2 tabs have their default values, especially Capture Output should not be enabled (by default checked).

Then customize the popup menu and add the command for the user tool.
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Thanks for the workaround - it does successfully open %f in a new instance of UE.

I will put in the feature request as you suggested.

Many thanks.

I am using UltraEdit version 12.20, but couldn't find the Open New Instance menu item in Advanced menu.

From which version is this option available? If UltraEdit v12.20 doesn't support it, is there any workaround?
Items in changes.txt of UE for Windows v21.20 and changes_ues.txt of UES v14.30 regarding new instance:

  • v19.00.0 / v13.00.0
    File tab drag-and-drop improvements
    • Drag file tab outside of UltraEdit/UEStudio to open it in new instance
    • File's settings retained when dragging and dropping between instances
  • v14.10.0 / v06.60.0
    Files selected in Explorer to load in a single new instance

  • v13.10 / v06.30
    Ability to launch new UE/UES session from Advanced menu and new command line parameters /fni (force new instance) and /foi (force old instance)
Open New Instance of UltraEdit menu item was introduced with UE v13.10 and UES v06.30.

The command in Key Mapping commands list is AdvancedOpenNewInstance.

Opening a file in a new instance is difficult with UE v12.20 if the setting Allow multiple instances is not enabled at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Miscellaneous as there is no command line switch to override this setting. It would be necessary to use a second INI file with same settings as default uedit32.ini in folder %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit with the configuration settings for multiple instances checked and start for example via a user tool uedit32.exe with the name of the active file with complete path ("%f") and additionally the command line parameter /I=... to open the file in UltraEdit using the other INI file.

But perhaps you do not really need to open a file in a new instance, see Move/clone to new instance/other pane with information about using a duplicate window for a file or the split window feature to see and work on 2 different parts on same file.
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Thanks for this last post. I have been wanting for a long time to move a file to a new instance of UEStudio, and the drag-and-drop mentioned at the top of the last post finally told me how to do it. But as so often occurs with UEStudio, it took some determined external googling to find the method, and only afterwards was I able to locate the item in its obscure position in the help file.

I would like a key for it as well. Surely it is possible to add to the Window menu the item:
Open the active file in a new instance of UltraEdit
Then the mousers and the keyboarders would both be happy.
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