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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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E.g. if you write at a different spot inside the file with each instance.

Is that possible?

Thank you.
You can use Window - Duplicate Window and then tile the windows as described in the power tip Vertical & Horizontal Split Window, or using Window -Tile Vertical / Tile Horizontal if using the dockable file tabs.

The second possibility is to use the Windows standard feature Window - Split Window existing also in MS Word, Adobe Reader and many other Windows application using the multi-document application interface (MDI). I have described how to use this Windows standard feature at How to split window into 2 panes?
Thank you, that's almost exactly what I was looking for. Except that I was trying to add the same file several times to the workspace so that the several instances and their editing positions would be saved as if they were standalone files. Right now if you quit, the several instances are forgotten.

But if that's not possible I'll just use duplicate window.
The workspace remembers and restores only which files are open and their (main) windows. Duplicate windows as well as document panes are not remembered/restored. Write an enhancement request by email to IDM if you want an enhancement on window management in workspaces. As workaround I suggest to use a bookmark (with saving bookmarks enabled) to quickly move to the position you want after duplicating a window in the duplicate window after restarting. Or you never close UltraEdit and use the hibernate mode to turn off Windows.
Best regards from Austria
OK, thank you for your help.
UltraEdit hotfix information for UE v15.20.0.1020 contains the line:

Projects now correctly remember files in split panes

So it looks like there is an improvement on project / workspace save.

I have not yet tested if this improvement contains also the enhancement requests posted in this topic or if this line is just about wrong document window restore when multiple files are arranged horizontally/vertically inside the UltraEdit main window.
Best regards from Austria
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