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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I have 2 large directories of MP3 files. My music folder got all screwed up by a so-called de-duping program. So, I need to put the 2 directory trees back together.

I use folder compare mode to show the first directory tree and the second directory tree. The second tree has most of the files, but some are on the first. I can't use the "merge first to second" option because it deletes the files and directories on the second. How do I do true "merge" where the second tree becomes the union of the two? I can't find an option that won't delete stuff on the second tree.
Use Merge - Accept All - Accept from First to Second.

Or you simply copy with Windows Explorer all files and directories of folder 1 to folder 2.
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There are cases where the same file is in both places. I want the one with the higher bitrate / size to stay. Windows isn't smart enough for that, and I just paid for this program to help merge directories...

Any help for using UC?
Okay, you want just the unique files in left pane (folder 1) copied to right pane (folder 2). Enable setting Options - Folder Mode Filters - Hide Different Files and run the recursive folder comparison. Click on View - Just Differences and you will see only the unique files in both directory trees. Now use Merge - Accept All - Accept from First to Second and UltraCompare will copy only the unique files on left pane to the folders in the right pane ignoring the unique files in folder 2 and all files existing in both directories (identical and different).
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Many thanks. I'll give it a shot. It would be great if some logic were built in to handle audio / video files such as size, bitrate, type... Some other folks are building such utilities for media files, but they are small little vb type apps and can't handle the scale and the design/build quality isn't close to what IDM builds.
How can I use the Merge All option and not wipe out differences in first file what are not present in the second. I just want to merge the differences from the second file.
Everything not equal is different. There are no type of differences like line exist only in file A or file B or line exists in both files, but contains differences. Therefore there is no command to copy all lines existing only in file B into file A. You have to go through all differences for example with key F3 for Next Difference and copy the unique lines in file B with key Alt+Left Arrow for Merge Second to First into file A.
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