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On the file listings how can I hide .xxxx ( hidden ) files and directories?
If you are referring to the file tree view, you can open the context menu by right-clicking on a folder and choose "Set Filter". Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean?
I am testing the UEX version on a project I have been working on with the Windows version.

In the windows version the hidden files/directories don't appear in the project tree so I don't see my .git directories.

Its an inconsistency between the two versions and its very annoying. Its very big project with a lot of sub directories so even one extra item per directory adds a lot of extra clutter to the tree view which wasn't there before.
I don't see any option in the File Tree view of UltraEdit for Windows to hide files and folders with hidden attribute set. Please help. How do I hide my hidden folders/subdirectories or files from the File Tree view?

As far as I know there is no option to hide on Explorer tab of the File Tree View all folders and files with hidden attribute set in UE for Windows (using currently v16.20.0.1011). There is only the Filter to limit the files listings which of course does not hide directories.
Best regards from Austria
In UEX you can hide dot files. In the 'File View' - 'Project' tab you may hide them by right clicking on the directory name where you want to hide the files. In the 'File View' - 'Places' tab you may do the same.
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