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Please bear with what may be a question that may have been posted but I could not find an answer too.
I want to be able to write code then run gcc and run the debugger and run the program all from with in UltraEdit.
Is this possible and could somebody walk me through this.
I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and am very green to C.


And if needed I could offer money for the help.
hi all

i got the gcc working wasn't as hard as thought

this is what i did

in tools configuration i put

/usr/bin/gcc -o %n %f

in the Command Line: box

the -o option tells gcc that what comes next is the target file name
the %n is the filename minus the extension
%f is the filename
I am using CYGWIN64 on Windows to compile my c files and I wanted to compile directly from UltraEdit.
Thanks to your posting and a previous one I red before I learned how to do it. The instructions said to use the same command line used in a DOS command window but replacing the file name with "%f" and using "%n" for the file name without the extension.
So my command line from UltraEdit is : gcc %f -o %n and this works.

The reason for my posting is that I want to find out more about %f and %n, I can't find anything about it. What are these ? , environmental variables from DOS ?, or Linux ? Are these part of GCC ? I would like to learn more about it and see if there are more of these that can be used. If you or anybody can provide any information or direct me to a site where I can learn more about it would be greatly appreciated.
%f and %n and other available placeholders are explained on help page about Tool Configuration command.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks Mofi, appreciated.
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