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I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and UltraSentry 5. When testing, UltraSentry doesn't seem to know Win 7's registry keys for certain things, like most recently used program list. Anyone else experiencing UltraSentry's failure to find certain registry keys when cleaning history areas?
Well, as UltraSentry 5.00 was released Windows 7 was not available as release product. Therefore US 5.00 surely does not contain any Windows 7 specific cleaning operations.

However, you can create your own UltraSentry profile which secure deletes also all Windows 7 specific histories additionally to the standard history files / registry keys.

Alternatively you can create and add an application profile for Windows 7. When you look into the subfolder AppsProfiles in the UltraSenty program directory you see the standard application profiles which are simple text files. It should be no problem for you to copy one of them for Windows 7 and edit it to offer you additional cleaning operations.
Best regards from Austria
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