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Display customization and font issues
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Added another archive of themes, bringing the total now to 1481.
Dang your a machine. :)

Feature request if you get feeling creative. I noticed on the Color Palette that the named colors don't give a hint at their color unless you select it actively in the drop down list.

What might be nice is to have a color sample displayed on the left of the name, or as background to the name...however as background one would probably have to use black text with a white boarder to make it show up correctly.

I'd also suggest the display of the named colors by shade rather than by name, example:

One could get a bit more out of hand with the color picker. Checkout Color Lib demo.

Could even get more nuts:

Hehe I'm going to go run and hide now. :p

For those wanting to know more about color...checkout the link below:
I'm glad you're still around, Nologic. I had actually started work on version 4, which was to start making things a bit nicer and more friendly. Dockable/floating windows (the same way UE does it) for the Theme list and custom palette, and I was wanting to implement a drag-and-drop from colors on the color palette to color blocks on the main form. There have been so many ideas, but it would take years to implement them all.

I even added toolbars with icons, and icons to the menu items.
uec-v4.png (58.48 KiB) Viewed 7409 times

Notice the push-pin for the theme list in the dockable window's title bar? Yes, it can go into auto-hide with a tab on the right (or left, if you've docked to the left side) that will auto-show when you hover over the tab.

An I releasing this? No, still too buggy. Still too many things incomplete or not working properly. For example, if you drag a toolbar off the form, you can do that just like in UE, however the toolbar does not drop back into the toolbar area again. I will have to get that to work where you can position toolbars on the top, right, left, or bottom. Also, I haven't gotten around to programming dockable windows to remember where they were when you last used them.

What's the real answer on when I might get something like this going? I don't know. For now, I have halted all work on the program, and turned over all source code to IDM, as they expressed an interest to me stating they wish to create something like this built into UE.

Hey, that's what I wanted in the first place! So, I'm going to wait and see if IDM decides to go forward with this before I even think about doing anything else. I just hope that if they decide to NOT go forward, that I won't have lost the momentum or desire to pick this back up and get it going again. Right now, with a baby due just any time now (a second daughter for me!), I don't have any interest in much of anything other than spending time with family. I want to keep up with doing some side programming, but I just can't seem to concentrate since my wife went into labor recently (prematurely). Now I can't seem to concentrate on anything because I'm just so distracted.
Yeah it's wonderful that they are looking into doing something like this...and I certainly hope they will...and I can completely understand with another little one on the way...been there myself so I can certainly appreciate the situation. :)

I was just looking to toss some idea's out there...nothing more. :)

Well best wishes with the new addition to your family and I hope the wife is hanging in there...and I hope she's not being to rough on you. Mine was a hand full at times...generally and cover every so often. :p
Love the tool, but have noticed that it removes the extra space needed trailing Line Comments of less than 5 charaters. (From Help Below)
"The comment characters used for line comments are specified by the string "Line Comment = " followed by the comment characters. Five characters are allowed; if there are less than five then the last character must be followed by a space.
A second set of line comments may be specified by the string "Line Comment Alt = " followed by the comment characters. Five characters are allowed; if there are less than five then the last character must be followed by a space"
For my needs I use # and my ALT is ; So naturally I need to manualy add a space to both in my .uew each time I modify and apply a theme.
BUT, Love the tool!
@cfreeman: I am unable to reproduce what you are telling me, or perhaps I just do not understand.

Could you attach a "before" and "after" wordfile that shows this behavior, so I can do some testing?

Also, let me clarify exactly what UE needs as a "space".

If the line comment is ";" (semicolon), then it should appear as follows:
Code: Select all
/L20"MyLang" Line Comment = # Line Comment Alt = ; File Extensions = blah bla bwah ha

In this example above, there is a single space after the # and the ;. You do not need to add an additional space. The space UE needs is a "separator" so that it will know you are finished specifying the comment characters. If you were expecting a second space, then you were expecting incorrectly. If my tool is leaving no space at all between the comment string and the next keyphrase, then that is a problem, and I need to know about that so I can fix it. But I will need a copy of the wordfiles in question that this is happening to. As I said, I am unable to reproduce the issue. Also, what OS version are you running?

If you have 5 characters, then the space is unnecessary, but still aids in readability:
Code: Select all
/L20"MyLang" Line Comment = <!#--Line Comment Alt = <!;-- File Extensions = blah bla bwah ha

Notice in this example there is no space between the comment string "<!#--" and "Line Comment Alt", which is the next keyphrase. However, I placed a space between the Alt and File Extensions for readability. Both are acceptable, but I believe the space is more readable, so my program will add that one.

I have no idea how or why or when my wordfile changed its formatting, but it went un-noticed till the other day when I trying to figure out why my "comment characters" stopped working after using your tool. Even then after I found that the extra space was missing the format change didn't stand out to me until your post. At some point (No Idea When) my word file took on this format change:

/L7"MicroStation" NestBlockComments File Extensions = cfg plt tbl pcf ucf
/Colors = 16777215,11908533,3918245,4718079,236028,
/Colors Back = 5723995,5723995,5723995,5723995,5723995,
/Colors Auto Back = 0,1,1,1,1,
/Font Style = 0,0,0,0,0,
/Line Comment = #
/Line Comment Alt = ;
/Delimiters =
/Function String =
/Function String 1 =
/Indent Strings =
/Unindent Strings =
/C1"Variables" Colors = 65317 Colors Back = 5723995 Colors Auto Back = 1 Font Style = 0

But If I move my Line Comments back up top where I knew they once were all is good, and future changes work perfectly.
/L7"MicroStation" Line Comment = # Line Comment Alt = ; NestBlockComments File Extensions = cfg plt tbl pcf ucf

Thanks for your time.
Comments are supposed to be accepted on the separate lines, according to the IDM developers that I was in contact with during the last development stage, and it appears to work in my setup in versions from 15 up to 18.20, where I have tested it, and I have tested it to work in UEStudio 9.30 up to 12.20, and it is working there as well.

I can't remember exactly what version I changed it to start using separate lines, but I will check and see.

What version of UE are you using, and what is your OS version? Also, are any of the other items in any of your other wordfiles that were moved off the first line not working properly? This is something that needs to be fixed, so this information would be helpful for me to do that.
Windows 7 64b & XP, UE: Up-to-date UE Companion utility.

My workflow for both OS's is as follows: With UE closed I launch Companion utility, select L:oad Theme from UE. Select Word File Tools, and add % to the String Characters and hit the Save Changes button. Then when I Apply Theme to UE, and now Launch UE and open a file I need to edit, I find that my Line comments are broken and they were along the top line of my word file, but are now along the side of the file as shown previously. It would appear that when they get re-arranged in my word file the extra space needed is removed.

It is reproducible here on both OS's.

Thanks for the workflow. I see now that this is occurring when you are saving changes in the Language Definition tab.

I am now able to reproduce this behavior, which is quite undesirable. I will work on a fix for this as soon as I am able, and will post when a fix is available. I'm not sure when that will be, as I have had zero rest this week, and can't concentrate long enough to even look at the code just yet. We just had a baby Monday morning (little girl), and it may take me a few days before I'm ready to start coding.
I wanted to say thanks for tool.

This will help people in my department as some of us run with dark themes and some with light themes. The word files are mostly maintained and created by me, so when I share the word files, they can use this tool to change the colors to match their light theme.

If I am just updating a word file and they already have the file, they can use UC to update the words / function list. If they are just now getting a word file, then this tool would help.

I like the feature of checking the word file for duplicates, invalid words and resize the record length. I was using Mofi's syntax macros at times to help with this.
@cfreeman: Unfortunately, I'll be unable to get this fixed any time soon, even though it should be a fairly quick fix. With a new baby in the house, 2 weeks old now, plus a toddler, and having to take care of my wife who is still recovering from delivery, There won't be any way to work on this any time soon. 2 hours sleep every 24 hours just doesn't provide enough brain power to even think about opening my copy of UEStudio, much less look at code.

I sincerely hope to get back to this at some point, but life has become quite busy and erratic for the time being.

@paul_ray: Thank you for stopping by to express your thanks. That's what gives me the encouragement to want to keep it going. I will some day, when baby starts sleeping through the night perhaps, get back to work on improving this tool again. I, too, was using Mofi's syntax tools quite a bit, which is why I decided a compiled program could do it faster. What a time saver when you're working with a lot of files for other people. It's all part of helping to share wordfiles and share color schemes, which I believe is important for the UE Community.
New Themes for December are available. This is a pack of 159 themes, bringing the grand total of themes available for downloading and using to 1640.

Uploaded a pack of 47 new themes for UE to bring the total to 1687. Enjoy.
IDM Computer Solutions has just announced something that will be part of UltraEdit 19.20, which is scheduled to be coming in September 2013!

you'll be excited for what's ahead in v19.20 (expected September). Along with enhancements and performance improvements that are essential to a point release, v19.20 also includes a game-changing new feature: editor themes.

Finally! I am sincerely hoping that the themes will be compatible with the current list of themes that we already have. However, perhaps they will be at least close enough that a tool can be made to convert them all. It would also be great for IDM to have a place of their own to host the themes as well, but I suppose we'll wait until September to see what happens there.

Since my Color Scheme Management Tool works with versions up to 19.10, and 19.20 will have its own theme manager, then I'll never be updating the tool again. Yes, I know there are bugs in the word file tools that keep people from using a few advanced features, but lack of time has prevented me from working on that, and it sort of got buried when I began talking to IDM about giving them the source for my tool so they could develop their own theme management.

I look forward to seeing what they have come up with.

Edit: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. released finally UltraEdit with themes feature as version 20.00 on September 2013. So there was never a public release of UE v19.20 as announced before.
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