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Display customization and font issues
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So, has development on the Ultraedit companion tool been completely halted? It doesn't seem to be working with version 20. Can anyone else confirm that it is, in fact incompatible?
I think it's great that IDM is attempting to make it easier but the default UE themes are terrible and it's still a nightmare to try to change them - which, I guess, is what necessitated this project in the first place.
I would like to think that it is just user error that is preventing me from getting Companion to work with the newer version; if anyone has any suggestions about importing a saved Companion theme in 20 I would love to know.
I can confirm that UE Companion is NOT compatible with version 20, nor will be compatible with UEStudio 14, or any versions that will come after those in the future.

There is no way to directly import themes created from UECompanion into version 20 of UE.

This is unfortunate. I had thought about creating a "Theme Conversion" utility separately, as all would be needed would be to read one theme format and write it to the other. However, I have my hands full with life, and have been unable to do any coding in quite some time I'm afraid.

I honestly just have not had the time to do it, though I have the desire to return to it fairly soon.

Seems to me this could be done with a scripting language, or any language that can read an INI file and write XML files.

@gspeak: Are you stating you would like to see a tool like this be continued and compatible with version 20+ theme files? It would mean having to add further capabilities to theme the application itself, since that has been added into the mix. I had thought about this. I would basically need to remove all the "wordfile" stuff, and just make a program that reads/creates UE20+ themes and can import UECompanion themes to give a person a starting point.

If I can get some time in the near future, I may try to work on this, as it is something I would like as well. Just not sure when I'd get the chance. I may stay up later tonight after getting the kids to bed and make a clone of the project, and see if I can trim all the extraneous stuff out of it that would not be needed (wordfile tools, etc.) Perhaps those wordfile tools should become a separate program altogether at this point.

As I stated, it has halted because of how busy life has become, but I would like very much to get back to it if possible. If you subscribe to this thread, then you'll get notified when that happens, because any future versions most likely will not be shown as an "update" to UECompanion, since it would be a different program entirely.
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I have written already an UltraEdit script which extracts color and font style settings from all opened wordfiles and converts them to theme format.

It should be no problem for anybody with experience in JavaScript coding to write an UE/UES script for converting an UE Companion theme file into an UltraEdit theme file with taking into account that in UE companion theme file no application colors are stored, just the editor and the syntax highlighting colors.

I'm also very busy at the moment, but may have some time in the next few weeks to write this little conversion script if nobody else is doing it in the meantime.
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@gspeak: As promised, I stayed up later tonight after getting the kids to bed. This has been rather rough on me, but am making the sacrifice for the community.

I have done my best to try to come up with a better way than what IDM has to create themes. I just can't seem to do it. After really experimenting with it and learning how it works, I have found it to be quite intuitive.

If you have a file open that uses the color groups that you will be setting up with syntax highlighting, and put UE and the Theme manager up side by side, you will see every change you make in the theme manager appear instantly as a preview in UE, even before you press Apply. That means if you don't like the change, you can still cancel it without saving to the theme.

Looking at the sheer number of things that need to be customized (or that CAN be customized) for the application areas itself, there is no way I can do a better job of what IDM has already done.

One of the great things about what they have done that I cannot do, is to allow you to make "global" syntax highlighting changes, or make custom changes per language. I was only able to do global changes with my tool, or export one wordfile at a time, which then became a nightmare, as you had to close UE to apply it, then reopen UE to see how it looks. The new Theme Manager does the preview in real time.

It's very different, and takes a bit of getting used to, but if you take some time and work with it, it becomes pretty intuitive. I was able to make changes as quickly with the new Theme Manager as I was with UE Companion, once I got the hang of it.

So, because I feel this way after really getting a chance to look at it properly, I won't be doing a version 20 and above program to handle themes. I just don't see a real need as there was in previous versions.

If Mofi is able to create a script/macro that will convert from the old theme files to the new, then I would be willing to set up a batch run to convert all the themes currently on my site to the new version.

I had set up coding to check certain intensity levels on the syntax highlighting that would allow you to separate "dark" and "light" themes. It would be nice to do something like this to give a standard "dark" or "light" interface to UE's interface at the same time, but that would take a bit more doing. I doubt I'll have time any time soon.

Best of luck to everyone with their themes. I think version 20 makes it easier than ever to share themes. Perhaps we need a site to allow submission themes with screenshot previews and allow browsing/downloading of the same. Does anyone know if IDM plans on handling that? Or will that need to be a 3rd party "fan site", like all the Visual Studio themes out there?
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rhapdog wrote: I think version 20 makes it easier than ever to share themes. Perhaps we need a site to allow submission themes with screenshot previews and allow browsing/downloading of the same. Does anyone know if IDM plans on handling that?

Yes, IDM invites users to create UltraEdit themes and share them. A theme file with or without a screenshot can be sent to IDM support by email and is then offered for everybody on page Downloads - Extras - Themes.
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Thanks Mofi. I've sent in 4 themes now. Don't know how long it will take them to show up, but if they accept them and put them up, it will over double what is currently offered.
“Don’t document the problem, fix it.” – Atli Björgvin Oddsson
Thanks so much. It's good to see there is still so much interest in this. Since my previous post I have managed to recreate my theme using UE's theme management interface but it was not fun at all and it took way too long. We look at our code all day and I feel that theming isn't about making pretty colors for aesthetics, it's about making reading and writing code easier and more comfortable. I hope that soon IDM realizes that, while adding some theming functionality to the software is a great step, the interface used to change colors could be much better. Anyway, I'm happy - After I've had some more time to tweak my theme, I'll probably submit it to the site.
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