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I am using UltraCompare Lite v6.40.1.1005 and it does not show changes to the compared files after doing a refresh within UC Lite. I know this worked in previous versions just fine.

Starting with UltraCompare v6.00 the automatic refresh is optional and by default not enabled.

A manual refresh can be executed by pressing key F5 like in Windows Explorer, by clicking on menu item View - Refresh or on the appropriate symbol in the toolbar, or by right clicking into a pane and clicking on Refresh in the context menu.

Automatic refresh like in UC prior v6.00 can be enabled with configuration setting Options - Configuration - File Handling - File change detection. But I'm using UltraCompare Professional and this setting is not available in the Lite version.

Or do you mean that you change one or both files in UltraEdit, save them, refresh in UC Lite and can't see the just made changes in UC Lite?
Best regards from Austria
Sorry for not clarifying - I am referring to your last example. I make a change to one or both of the files in UE, save the file(s), manually refresh in UC and UC does not pick up the changes. I have to reopen the file in UC and redo the compare to pick up the changes. Or shut UC down and restart it from UE to see them.
I reproduced the described case and can confirm this behavior which is definitely a bug in UC Lite v6.40.1.1005. Please report it by email to IDM support.

This case is handled correct with UC Prof. v7.00.0.1013. A workaround for UC Lite is to click into one of the 2 fields with the file names of the compared files and without modifying anything press key RETURN. The content window of this file gets blank. Now move the mouse pointer over the triangle between the 2 files which changes suddenly from gray to green (obviously another bug, it should be immediately green after pressing RETURN) and click on it to force a real reread and refresh of the compared files.
Best regards from Austria
I started to work with UC prof Version and had a similar problem:
I have opened 4 sessions, and in one session I changed a line and stored the change. UC should open the changed file automatically, but I always see the old file with no change, also when I tried to manually open the changed file.
In another session I was working with the same, now changed file, and in this session I could see the changed file.
Also in UE I could see the changed file, but no way to see the changed file in the session I was working first.
I must close UC, open it again and then I could see the changed file in all sessions.

Later, when I made other changes, UC worked correct, I could see changes in the active session, perhaps the bug is only when you have installed UC new and made the first change, I dont know.

I work many years with UE, it is a very fine tool; but after first tries with UC I am not very satisfied with this tool, there seem to be some other bugs and handling could be better.
Do you have enabled the configuration setting File Change Detection in configuration dialog File Handling at all?

I have not analyzed it for UC, just for UE/UES, but I think that the file change detection by default is also in UC only event triggered which means it is executed only when a window gets back the focus. I don't know if UC checks for file changes for all opened files in all comparing sessions when UC main window gets back the focus when before another application like UltraEdit has had the focus. According to help this setting enables polling for file changes during a comparison session which would be an inconsistency in naming of the feature between UC and UE if that setting really enables a periodic file change detection thread.

Note: Most settings in the configuration dialog become active only for new sessions, not the already opened compare sessions.
Best regards from Austria
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