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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I am new to this.

I am trying to compare two .php files, but because one of the two files shows a symbol at the end of every line in UC, every line is marked as being different.

The symbol does not apear in the original file, only when it is loaded into UC. If I copy the symbol to my clipboard it shows as an empty space!

Here is a screen shot of the symbol:

Can anyone tell me what the red symbol is and how I get rid of it?

I even tried copying lines from doc1 and overwriting doc 2 with them, but doc2 still shows the red symbol that is not seen on doc1

Many thanks

This is a paragraph marker. Are you possibly comparing two files in different line formats (ie, Windows vs. Unix)? In any way, in the configuation dialog, you can instruct UC to ignore these (Ignore Options - Text - Ignore line terminators). This option can be enabled also in submenu Options - File Ignore Options.

For further reading, check out Jeff Atwood's blog post "The great newline schism".
Perfect, thank you so much for your lucid reply.

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