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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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My problems is this:

I have two files (text) loaded in pane 1 and pane 2. Now I want to merge differences to second pane all together (a lot of lines - thousands not in blocks but scattered all around) not each block by block or line by line (how to do that?) and after that I need to delete those lines from pane 1. Merging is something like COPY and I need MOVE function.
When I selected all differences in pane 1 (CTRL+A) I can't just press delete to remove them or merge (merge is grayed out) - it would be nice to have something like cut.
As I can see in one previous post for deleting identical lines there must be some way to do that but I can't find it - cutting would be much easier.

What exactly do you mean by "merge differences"? Do you always want to insert lines that are different into the other side? (That is what UltraCompare calls a merge) Do you want to overlay lines that are different on the other side? Are the files sorted? If you are wanting an automated 3-way merge, UltraCompare simply isn't there yet. It is first and foremost a compare tool and has a very poor implementation of text merge functionality.
Cut the differences from file 1 and paste them on correct positions in file 2 is not possible as you already know. However, there is quite a simple solution to get what you want.

First just create a copy of your second file.

Now compare file 1 with file 2 and merge all from left to right. This command is available, and as you wrote this is a copy and not a move. Save file 2 with the differences from file 1.

Select now for pane 2 the previously made copy of you file 2. Run again the compare you will see the same differences as before. Switch the view to "Just Differences", select in left pane all lines with differences with Ctrl+A and delete them. Save file 1 and exit UltraCompare.
Best regards from Austria
Thank You Mofi but...

That is more or less what I was trying to do but when I selected view only differences I can't delete anything in pane 1 nor pane 2. I selected with CTRL+A and everything is selected but delete is impossible (from keyboard and from right click menu). If I selected view all than I can delete whatever I want. Maybe my settings somewhere are wrong - files are not read only.
I tried program Beyond compare and I can do exactly that but not in UltraCompare. Any other idea?

BTW - merging all from left to right is with command Merge - Accept all - or I am wrong?

Merge - Accept All - Accept from Left Frame is the command you need to copy all different lines from left to right.

And you are right. After selecting all different lines it is not possible to delete or cut the lines in view "Just Differences" although the command Cut is not disabled in the menu Edit. A workaround is to switch to view "Just Matching", select all identical lines in pane 1 with Ctrl+A, copy all identical lines with Ctrl+C, switch back to view "All", select all lines with Ctrl+A, press DEL to delete all (I needed to do these 2 steps twice because first line was not deleted) and finally press Ctrl+V to paste the identical lines back into the file. Very complicated process, additional file modification options like delete/cut all different lines from left would be helpful here.
Best regards from Austria
Thank You Mofi for solution
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