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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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It is possible to specify if a line starts with some word, then it should be ignored in the compare. Is there a way to specify if there are two types of lines that should be ignored, those starting with "AAA" and those starting with "BBB"?

In the folder ignore options, you can specify several file filters, separated with a ";", but that seems not to work for the text ignore options, i.e, in the begin with filter writing "AAA;BBB". Same goes with the contain and ends with.

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No, it is not possible as far as I know to specify more than one string (not word!) to ignore lines beginning with, contain or end with the specified string.

When it is not possible for your compare to use AAA for text ignore option begin with and BBB for option contain you might modify both files first with UltraEdit or UEStudio by running an UltraEdit regular expression replace all on both files searching for %BBB and replacing all occurrences with AAA#BBB. Now in both files all lines to ignore start with AAA and your compare should be possible. Finally you can undo this change in both files by searching for AAA#BBB and replace it with just BBB.

BTW: Currently latest version of UC Prof. is already v7.10.0.1020.
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I suggest that you write a feature request to IDM asking for regular expression support in the ignore strings. I have done that before, but the more users ask for it, the higher the chance of it being implemented earlier. Other compare tools like Beyond Compare have this functionality already, after all.

(And it would be possible to reduce the three text boxes (starts with/contains/ends with) to one)
I agree with pietzcker... email IDM and ask for an enhancement!
In the meantime, Mofi mentioned a possible work-around if you only have two "begin with" strings you want to ignore... You can put one value in the "begin with" field and the other in the "contain" field. The "contain" field will ignore the string anywhere in the line including the beginning of the line.
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