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When trying to close html tags UESTUDIO CRASHES.

Example : print'<div>Some text </' HERE ...
This crash occurs especially when using TAGS in PHP script.
NOT always BUT sometimes.....
Happens on both versions 9.30 ... 10.00.
Thank you.
As you posted this issue 3 days ago I played more than 2 hours with the HTML Close Tag feature of UEStudio and indeed 3 times UEStudio crashed. But I was never able to immediately reproduce the crash after restarting UEStudio. I'm a programmer and therefore I know that it is extremly difficult to find a bug in a software when it is not clear under which conditions it occurs and which part of the code is really responsible for a wrong behavior. I could create crash dumps, but without steps how to reproduce the crash even those dumps are of no real help. The first crash occurred after using HTML Close Tag command as I deleted another tag in my HTML file left to the just inserted closing tag. So I'm not really sure if the HTML Close Tag function is responsible for the crash or a different routine like the intellitips symbol parser.

When you ever can reproduce a crash please report it by email to IDM support with attaching the crash dump file, the active file, your uestudio.ini and a step by step explanation how to reproduce the crash. I'm sure the IDM developers will immediately look into it and fix the bug. But I have not done this because I was not able to reproduce the 3 crashes I had.

However, while playing with the HTML Close Tag feature I found 2 other problems with this command and 1 problem with file position after reverting file content to saved which are reproducible and which I reported by email to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you for your response.
I send dump file with explanation to the IDM.
Best regards from lovely country TURKEY...
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