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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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Hello at first,

I'm trying to use Mentor ModelSim to compile my VHDL / Verilog Source Code, but currently I don't get anything to work. Has somebody a working configuration to use ModelSim together with UEstudio?
Is it also possible to use a compiler by a specific file extension, so I'm don't need to setup a project for my VHDL / Verilog sources...?

Thanks for the help...

KaestAir wrote: Is it also possible to use a compiler by a specific file extension, so I don't need to setup a project for my VHDL / Verilog sources...?

I can't help you with your first question about ModelSim. But I can answer your second question. The UEStudio compiler configurations allow different applications to be executed for interpreting different file types based on the file extension. That is of course simply necessary because a C/C++ file must be interpreted by a C/C++ compiler while ASM/SRC files must be interpreted by an assembler and resource files with a resource compiler.

For example open the configuration file UEStudio\configs\Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler\Win32 Application in UEStudio. It is a text file. You can see in this file:

Cmd0 = CL /nologo $(COPT) $R /c $I

Cmd0 = RC /fo$O $I

Cmd0 = ML /nologo /coff /c /Cp /Fo$O $I

Cmd0 = NASMW -f win32 -i$Ip -o$O $I

When clicking in UEStudio on the Compile symbol to compile the active file, UES looks on the file extension and executes the commands (can be more than one by using Cmd1=, Cmd2=) under the appropriate section in the "compiler" configuration.

Of course using a compiler configuration requires that you use a project where this configuration is set. But it should not be necessary (never tested by myself) that you add a file to the project to compile a file. It is enough that you setup just the project without adding any files. It should be nevertheless possible to compile the loaded and active file when the project is open, although the file is not added to the project.

You can also setup different user tools to compile the active file with those tools.

Last but not least you can also create a batch file which analyzes the file extension of the file name passed as parameter to the batch file and executes the appropriate application to interpret this file (or outputs an error if extension is unknown), and this batch file is setup as a user tool which you can run at any time without the need of a project. The command line interpreter of Windows offers you some extensions for easily getting and comparing the file extension of a file name in a batch file. Just open Advanced - DOS Command, enter the commmand call /? and execute this command and you will see in UEStudio the help you need for evaluating easily the extension of a passed file name.
Best regards from Austria
Is there any tutorial how to setup the compiler for UEstudio...? Where can I find a description of all parameters?

Thx, KaestAir
See my post Configuration for using UEStudio with WinAVR. And when you need additional help just post the question here or ask IDM by email. Most of the existing configurations installed with UES have been developed by users. But you really need much knowledge about the process required for your "compiler" and the parameters and options it supports or requires.
Best regards from Austria
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