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Well I discovered a really bad flaw with Ultrasentry that makes Windows 7 Task Scheduler break.
If you have a US profile set to clear IE Browser History and Clean URL Error Logs, then US will clear the entire c:\windows\system32\logfiles folder
If you do that ... Task Scheduler will stop functioning because the index files and folder it uses are now gone.
Task scheduler will get the following error ... selected task "{0}" no longer exists
Nothing other than restoring the directory will bring back Task Scheduler.

Subsequently, turning off Clear URL Error Log and IE Browser History in all profiles seems to prevent this.

I figure this is a flaw in the Ultrasentry Product since it was built before Windows 7.

Your product development team need to put out a fix immediately, or your advertising team needs to label the product as incompatible with Windows 7 on the website.

I have already notified Windows 7 tech support in case people call them. You should do the same.
This is a user-to-user forum as you can read at top of this page. Please report this Windows 7 compatibility issue of UltraSentry to IDM support by email.

A personal note from me not using Windows 7: Why does task scheduler of Windows 7 store its index files in a folder named logfiles together with real log files of other applications?

PS: Because I sent today an email to IDM support about something else I added to my email also a short note that IDM should look on this topic too. But nevertheless it would be good when you report this issue by email to IDM support in case IDM has some questions. I use UltraSentry, but not Windows 7 and can therefore not investigate the problem according to what you wrote.
Already contacted Support.
I posted the message here as well hoping to save someone else the havoc this caused me.
I also posted it to MS Support Forums.
IDM's tech pages and forums are too spartan on information regarding the compatibility of Ultrasentry.

The reply I got back from IDM is ... Sometime this year they will have an update.
Before I installed US 5.0 on Windows 7, I contacted support and asked about compatibility. They said the only issues are Context menu issues.
Its a bit sad ... development on a good product was literally halted 1.5 years ago, and now there are compatibility issues that IDM has chosen to not enumerate.
To the author of this post, thank you for emailing us and notifying us of this issue. Prior to your email, we had already begun working on Windows 7 enhancements/compatibility for UltraSentry.

We have confirmed this incompatibility between UltraSentry and Windows 7 involving the Windows 7 task scheduler. Windows 7 users are advised to not download or execute UltraSentry until a fix has been provided. We are currently investigating the issue further, and a fix will be available soon. If you need assistance with this incompatibility, please contact

We have also included this notice at the top of the UltraSentry download page.
Kudos to the IDM team for quickly responding, as well as taking the bold steps on the download page.

It is rare to have a software company respond so preemptively and quickly.
As I mentioned before, I enjoy these products. I believe they are the best for what they do, and rarely do I choose non-freeware.
Based on this response you have a customer for life.

Thank you keep up the good work.
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