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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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SSH/FTP capability is very important to me since I do a lot of cloud computing development. I just applied UEStudio update, and I really like it. It's getting almost as good as WinSCP and Putty.

I love the FTP/Telnet browse application; I just wish I could dock that into my editor like you can with the SSH/Telnet console. I find it cumbersome switching between applications to go from browser to editor.

These would be cool features in the FTP/Telnet Browser:

* Double clicking the mouse on a file automatically opens it in the default editor, in both local and remote panes.
* Drag and Drop copying of files between local and remote panes.

Great job on the SSH/Telnet capabilities!
I'm not using the FTP feature of UEStudio / UltraEdit and therefore can just hope that following works as documented in help of UEStudio / UltraEdit.

There is the configuration setting Display FTP accounts in explorer view at Advanced - Configuration - FTP. With enabling this setting you should see all your FTP accounts and the subfolders and files when connected on the Explorer tab of the Workspace Manager (UEStudio) respectively File Tree View (UltraEdit) which is a dockable view.

Hint: Click with right mouse button on the FTP accounts, the FTP subfolders or the FTP files on the Explorer view to quick access and execute context sensitive commands.
Best regards from Austria
Wow, you're right!

Thanks for this tip. The FTP in the explorer view is a terrific feature, one I'm sure I'll use a lot.

That is an awesome tip.

I was seeing multiple files and folders connecting to the server each time, and this will definitely speed up online editing.
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