Ability to have multiple projects open?

Ability to have multiple projects open?


    Aug 04, 2016#1

    Am i doing something wrong or is it only possible to have one project open at a time? When I load a project the currently open project is closed. (UE Version

    I don't see why multiple projects cannot or should not be able to be opened at the same time. The hierarchy is already visible in the 'File View'/'Project' tab which visually mimics projects open in an IDE such as Visual Studio.

    -File View-
    |...[*] Some Project
    |.......[.] proj file 1.xyz
    |.......[.] other_file.txt
    |.......[.] last-file.dll
    |...[*] Another Project
    |.......[.] proj file 2.abc
    |.......[.] other_file_zzz.txt
    |.......[.] last-file.dll

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      Aug 04, 2016#2

      UEStudio supports solutions which are designed for sets of related projects. You can also read in help of UltraEdit about solution as help for UE is the same as for UES. Some commands like Find/Replace in Files can be run on all files of all projects of a solution.

      UltraEdit does not support solutions. It is only possible to have 1 project/workspace open in an instance of UltraEdit. But it is of course at any time possible to start one more instance of UltraEdit and open there another project/workspace.

      A new instance of UltraEdit can be opened also from within UltraEdit even with configuration setting Allow multiple instances not being enabled as by default. In ribbon mode there is on ribbon tab Window a New instance item. In toolbar/menu mode with contemporary menus there is in menu Window the menu item New instance. And in toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus there is in menu Advanced the menu item Open New Instance of UltraEdit.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria