ActionScript 3.0 Wordfile for UltraEdit

ActionScript 3.0 Wordfile for UltraEdit


    Sep 29, 2007#1

    Hi all,

    I just signed up for a forum account, so this is my first post. Since Flash CS3 has been out for a while and I couldn't find an ActionScript 3 wordfile for UltraEdit available on the net, I decided to make one.

    It's an improvement on the available AS2 files as well as the syntax highlighting built into Flash itself, and includes JavaScript-style highlighted separators, root package names, and differentiation of global functions from class properties/methods, as well as the usual identifiers, statements, and operators.

    The keywords are directly from Adobe's AS3 reference, with the wordfile generated by a purpose-built PHP script. I hope it helps, and feel free to use, distribute, or modify it as you see fit. If anyone wants the generator script, email me and I'll send it.


    Edit: 09/29/07

    Thanks to Mofi's Syntax Tools (thanks!), the word list is now valid and all classes, properties, etc. seem to be recognized. I've uploaded a new version (1.1) of the file. If you run into any other issues, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix them.
    actionscript 3.0 wordfile (9.9 KiB)   2288
    Unzip text file and append to C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\wordfile.txt

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      Sep 29, 2007#2

      Hi jordan,

      your language definition is case sensitive so a word like accept must be on a different line as word ACTIONSCRIPT. This is not the case and so the syntax highlighting will not work correct.

      Use my macros SortLanguage, TestForDuplicate, TestForInvalid in the macro file SyntaxTools.mac which you can download at

      The ultimate syntax highlighting tools

      After you have run these 3 macros and fixed all reported errors, edit your first post and upload the new version replacing the first version.

      I suggest to send the fixed version also to IDM support by email for their wordfiles download page.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Nov 06, 2007#3

        jsexton wrote:I just signed up for a forum account, so this is my first post. Since Flash CS3 has been out for a while and I couldn't find an ActionScript 3 wordfile for UltraEdit available on the net, I decided to make one.
        Well then I just signed up too, just to say thank you for making that AS3 wordfile. I've been using UltraEdit since CS3 came and been missing it all the time. So thanks a lot.



          Mar 11, 2008#4

          Warning: newbie post!

          Using the new wordfile (not linked to here, but the one found at Downloads - Extras - Wordfiles works pretty well for .mxml files (Flex development), and not just for .as files. There are small issues, however, so I'm wondering if there's a wordfile somewhere made for MXML?

          For example, this code doesn't receive proper CSS syntax highlighting, though it's common in MXML files:

          Code: Select all

          	Application {
          How to include the syntax of CSS and AS at once? Of course the biggest chunks of my MXML files are sections that are properly highlighted within <mx:Script> tags.


            Nov 22, 2008#5

            Thanks for this. Function strings are not recognized in the function window. The regular expression in the file I downloaded off this site has:

            /Function String = "%[ ^t]++[a-zA-Z_0-9][a-zA-Z_0-9^[^]]+[ ^t*]+^([a-zA-Z_0-9]+^)[ ^t]++([^p*&:, ^t^[^]a-zA-Z_0-9./(!]++)[~;]"

            I don't know regular expressions very well. Can someone tell me how to fix this so functions are recognized?

            Grand MasterGrand Master

              Nov 22, 2008#6

              The function string is syntactically correct. Can you post  as code block some examples of function definitions in your files. I'm not familiar with ActionScript. Post also some lines which are similar to function definition lines, but are not function definition lines.
              Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


                Nov 23, 2008#7

                Thanks. Here are some examples of acceptable actionscript function definitions:

                Code: Select all

                	    public function Score():void
                	    public function Score()
                                 public function AddBonusBunny(number:int = 1): void
                                 public override function EventStruck(entity:Entity):void{
                The only thing I can think of that might look like a function definition could be a variable declaration:

                Code: Select all

                		static const BSPEED_TIME = 5000;
                		private var m_PresentHit:uint = 0;

                Grand MasterGrand Master

                  Nov 24, 2008#8

                  Try following function string:

                  /Function String = "%*function[ ^t]+^([a-zA-Z_0-9]+^)[ ^t]++([^p*&:, ^t^[^]a-zA-Z_0-9./(!=]++)[~;]"


                  % ... start search always at beginning of a line.
                  * ... matches any number of occurrences of any character except newline.
                  function ... the line must contain this word.
                  [ ^t]+ ... 1 or more spaces or tabs must follow the word "function".
                  ^([a-zA-Z_0-9]+^) ... find a string consisting only of letters a-z and A-Z, numbers 0-9 and underscores and tag that string for the function list because this is the function name.
                  [ ^t]++ ... 0 or more spaces or tabs can follow the function name.
                  (...) ... next a () pair must follow.
                  [^p*&:, ^t^[^]a-zA-Z_0-9./(!=]++ ... 0 or more of these charactes can be inside the () pair. ^p is a DOS line ending, ^t is a horizontal tab, ^[ and ^] are escaped [ and ] because [] has a special regular expression meaning as you can see here.
                  [~;] ... the character following the () pair must be a different character than a semicolon.

                  If that regular expression string finds too much, you have to further limit it. The variable definitions are surely no problem because of the missing word "function" and the missing () pair.
                  Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


                    Jan 26, 2009#9

                    Mofi's function string works great. It needs to be added to the AS3 wordfile on the downloads page. Btw, thanks very much to jsexton for this wordfile - and thanks to Mofi for the function string!

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                      Apr 06, 2009#10

                      Does anyone have a copy of the ActionScript 3.0 Wordfile mentioned earlier in this thread? I had been using it, but lost it during the upgrade to 15.00. The ActionScript wordfiles on the Wordfiles page don't look to be ActionScript 3.0.TIA!


                        Apr 28, 2009#11

               ... 18&start=0

                        as of 4/27/2009, this link works. I just found it after googling for 20 minutes, so i thought i'd post a link.

                        I haven't really verified in detail that it is 100% correct, but at a glance it looks about right.

                        In case the link goes dead (as the ones above seem to have) I can be reached at

                        plight (email provided by)

                        good luck.


                        Basic UserBasic User

                          Apr 28, 2009#12

                          Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. I ended up rolling my own: I use KoolMoves instead of the Adobe product. KoolMoves has a bunch of neat classes, so I've been adding them in as I go. Thanks again!


                            Oct 15, 2009#13

                            Here's an updated Classes section that includes all of AS3's classes:

                            Code: Select all

                            /C4"Classes" STYLE_IDENTIFIER
                            AbstractConsumer AbstractEvent AbstractInvoker AbstractMessage AbstractOperation AbstractOperation AbstractProducer AbstractService AbstractTarget AbstractWebService 
                            Accessibility AccessibilityImplementation AccessibilityProperties Accordion AccordionAutomationImpl AccordionHeader AccordionHeaderSkin AcknowledgeMessage ActionEffectInstance ActionScriptVersion ActivatorSkin ActivityEvent 
                            AddChild AddChildAction AddChildActionInstance AddItemAction AddItemActionInstance AdvancedDataGrid AdvancedDataGridAutomationImpl AdvancedDataGridBase AdvancedDataGridBaseEx AdvancedDataGridBaseExAutomationImpl AdvancedDataGridBaseSelectionData AdvancedDataGridColumn AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup AdvancedDataGridDragProxy AdvancedDataGridEvent AdvancedDataGridEventReason AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRendererAutomationImpl AdvancedDataGridHeaderHorizontalSeparator AdvancedDataGridHeaderInfo AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer AdvancedDataGridHeaderShiftEvent AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer AdvancedDataGridItemRendererAutomationImpl AdvancedDataGridItemSelectEvent AdvancedDataGridListData AdvancedDataGridRendererDescription AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider AdvancedDataGridSortItemRenderer AdvancedListBase AdvancedListBaseAutomationImpl 
                            AIREvent Alert AlertAutomationImpl AlertFormAutomationImpl AMFChannel AnimateProperty AnimatePropertyInstance AntiAliasType 
                            Application ApplicationAutomationImpl ApplicationBackground ApplicationControlBar ApplicationDomain ApplicationTitleBarBackgroundSkin ApplicationUpdater ApplicationUpdaterUI 
                            AreaChart AreaRenderer AreaSeries AreaSeriesAutomationImpl AreaSeriesItem AreaSeriesRenderData AreaSet ArgumentError Array ArrayCollection ArrayUtil 
                            AsyncErrorEvent AsyncMessage AsyncRequest AsyncResponder AsyncToken Attribute AuthenticationMethod Automation AutomationDragEvent AutomationDragEventWithPositionInfo AutomationError AutomationEvent AutomationID AutomationIDPart AutomationRecordEvent AutomationReplayEvent 
                            AverageAggregator AVM1Movie AxisBase AxisLabel AxisLabelSet AxisRenderer AxisRendererAutomationImpl 
                            Back BarChart BarSeries BarSeriesAutomationImpl BarSeriesItem BarSeriesRenderData BarSet Base64Decoder Base64Encoder BaseListData 
                            BevelFilter BindingUtils Bitmap BitmapAsset BitmapData BitmapDataChannel BitmapFill BitmapFilter BitmapFilterQuality BitmapFilterType 
                            BlendMode Blur BlurFilter BlurInstance Boolean Border Bounce BoundedValue Box BoxAutomationImpl BoxDirection BoxDivider BoxItemRenderer 
                            BreakOpportunity BrokenImageBorderSkin BrowserChangeEvent BrowserInvokeEvent BrowserManager BubbleChart BubbleSeries BubbleSeriesAutomationImpl BubbleSeriesItem BubbleSeriesRenderData BusyCursor Button ButtonAsset ButtonAutomationImpl ButtonBar ButtonBarAutomationImpl ButtonBarButtonSkin ButtonLabelPlacement ButtonSkin 
                            ByteArray ByteArrayAsset
                            CalendarLayoutChangeEvent CallResponder Camera CandlestickChart CandlestickItemRenderer CandlestickSeries Canvas CanvasAutomationImpl Capabilities CapsStyle CartesianCanvasValue CartesianChart CartesianChartAutomationImpl CartesianDataCanvas CartesianTransform CategoryAxis 
                            CFFHinting ChangeWatcher Channel ChannelError ChannelEvent ChannelFaultEvent ChannelSet ChartBase ChartBaseAutomationImpl ChartElement ChartEvent ChartItem ChartItemDragProxy ChartItemEvent ChartLabel ChartSelectionChangeEvent ChartState CheckBox CheckBoxAutomationImpl CheckBoxIcon ChildExistenceChangedEvent ChildItemPendingError 
                            CircleItemRenderer Circular Class ClassFactory Clipboard ClipboardFormats ClipboardTransferMode CloseEvent 
                            CollectionEvent CollectionEventKind CollectionViewError ColorCorrection ColorCorrectionSupport ColorMatrixFilter ColorPicker ColorPickerAutomationImpl ColorPickerEvent ColorPickerSkin ColorTransform ColorUtil 
                            ColumnChart ColumnSeries ColumnSeriesAutomationImpl ColumnSeriesItem ColumnSeriesRenderData ColumnSet ComboBase ComboBaseAutomationImpl ComboBox ComboBoxArrowSkin ComboBoxAutomationImpl CommandMessage ComponentDescriptor CompositeEffect CompositeEffectInstance CompressionAlgorithm Concurrency ConfigMap ConstraintColumn ConstraintRow Consumer 
                            Container ContainerAutomationImpl ContainerCreationPolicy ContainerLayout ContainerMovieClip ContainerMovieClipAutomationImpl ContentElement ContextMenu ContextMenuBuiltInItems ContextMenuClipboardItems ContextMenuEvent ContextMenuItem ContextualClassFactory 
                            ControlBar ConvolutionFilter CountAggregator CreditCardValidator CreditCardValidatorCardType CrossItemRenderer 
                            CSMSettings CSSStyleDeclaration CubeEvent Cubic CuePointEvent CuePointManager CurrencyFormatter CurrencyValidator CurrencyValidatorAlignSymbol CursorBookmark CursorError CursorManager CursorManagerPriority
                            DataDescription DataEvent DataGrid DataGridAutomationImpl DataGridBase DataGridColumn DataGridColumnDropIndicator DataGridColumnResizeSkin DataGridDragProxy DataGridEvent DataGridEventReason DataGridHeader DataGridHeaderBackgroundSkin DataGridHeaderBase DataGridHeaderSeparator DataGridItemRenderer DataGridItemRendererAutomationImpl DataGridListData DataGridLockedRowContentHolder DataGridSortArrow DataTip DataTransform 
                            Date DateBase DateChooser DateChooserAutomationImpl DateChooserEvent DateChooserEventDetail DateChooserIndicator DateChooserMonthArrowSkin DateChooserYearArrowSkin DateField DateFieldAutomationImpl DateFormatter DateRangeUtilities DateTimeAxis DateValidator 
                            DefaultDataDescriptor DefaultDragImage DefaultListEffect DefaultTileListEffect DeferredInstanceFromClass DeferredInstanceFromFunction DefinitionError DeleteObjectSample DescribeTypeCache DescribeTypeCacheRecord 
                            DiamondItemRenderer Dictionary DigitCase DigitWidth DisplacementMapFilter DisplacementMapFilterMode DisplayObject DisplayObjectContainer Dissolve DissolveInstance DividedBox DividedBoxAutomationImpl DividerEvent 
                            DockIcon DownloadErrorEvent DownloadProgressBar DragEvent DragManager DragManagerAutomationImpl DragSource DRMAuthenticateEvent DRMAuthenticationCompleteEvent DRMAuthenticationErrorEvent DRMContentData DRMErrorEvent DRMManager DRMManagerError DRMPlaybackTimeWindow DRMStatusEvent DRMVoucher DropdownEvent DropShadowFilter 
                            DualStyleObject DynamicEvent
                            EastAsianJustifier EdgeMetrics Effect EffectEvent EffectInstance EffectManager EffectTargetFilter Elastic ElementFormat EmailValidator 
                            EncryptedLocalStore Endian EOFError Error ErrorEvent ErrorMessage EvalError 
                            Event EventDispatcher EventListenerRequest EventPhase EventPriority Exponential ExternalInterface
                            Fade FadeInstance Fault FaultEvent File FileEvent FileFilter FileListEvent FileMode FileReference FileReferenceList FileStream FileSystemComboBox FileSystemDataGrid FileSystemEnumerationMode FileSystemHistoryButton FileSystemList FileSystemSizeDisplayMode FileSystemTree 
                            FlexBitmap FlexClient FlexContentHolder FlexContentHolderAutomationImpl FlexEvent FlexHTMLLoader FlexMouseEvent FlexMovieClip FlexNativeMenu FlexNativeMenuEvent FlexNativeWindowBoundsEvent FlexPrintJob FlexPrintJobScaleType FlexShape FlexSimpleButton FlexSprite FlexTextField FlexVersion 
                            FocusDirection FocusEvent FocusManager FocusRequestDirection Font FontAsset FontDescription FontLookup FontMetrics FontPosture FontStyle FontType FontWeight 
                            Form Formatter FormAutomationImpl FormHeading FormItem FormItemAutomationImpl FormItemDirection FormItemLabel FrameLabel FullScreenEvent Function
                            Glow GlowFilter GlowInstance GradientBase GradientBevelFilter GradientEntry GradientGlowFilter GradientType GraphicElement 
                            Graphics GraphicsBitmapFill GraphicsEndFill GraphicsGradientFill GraphicsPath GraphicsPathCommand GraphicsPathWinding GraphicsShaderFill GraphicsSolidFill GraphicsStroke GraphicsTrianglePath GraphicsUtil 
                            Grid GridFitType GridItem GridLines GridRow GroupElement Grouping GroupingCollection GroupingField
                            HaloBorder HaloColors HaloDefaults HaloFocusRect HBox HDividedBox HeaderEvent 
                            HierarchicalCollectionView HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor HierarchicalData HistoryManager HitData HLOCChart HLOCItemRenderer HLOCSeries HLOCSeriesBase HLOCSeriesBaseAutomationImpl HLOCSeriesItem HLOCSeriesRenderData 
                            HorizontalList HRule HScrollBar HSlider HTML HTMLHistoryItem HTMLHost HTMLLoader HTMLPDFCapability HTMLUncaughtScriptExceptionEvent HTMLWindowCreateOptions 
                            HTTPChannel HTTPMultiService HTTPRequestMessage HTTPService HTTPService HTTPStatusEvent
                            IAbstractEffect IAdvancedDataGridRendererProvider IAutomationClass IAutomationClass2 IAutomationEnvironment IAutomationEventDescriptor IAutomationManager IAutomationManager2 IAutomationMethodDescriptor IAutomationMouseSimulator IAutomationObject IAutomationObjectHelper IAutomationPropertyDescriptor IAutomationTabularData IAxis IAxisRenderer 
                            IBar IBitmapDrawable IBorder IBrowserManager IButton IChartElement IChartElement2 IChildList ICollectionView IColumn Icon IConstraintClient IConstraintLayout IContainer 
                            ID3Info IDataInput IDataOutput IDataRenderer IDeferredInstance IDeferredInstantiationUIComponent IDropInListItemRenderer IDynamicPropertyOutput IDynamicPropertyWriter 
                            IEffect IEffectInstance IEffectTargetHost IEventDispatcher IExternalizable IFactory IFill IFlexAsset IFlexContextMenu IFlexDisplayObject IFlexModule IFlexModuleFactory IFocusManager IFocusManagerComplexComponent IFocusManagerComponent IFocusManagerContainer IFocusManagerGroup IFontContextComponent 
                            IGraphicsData IGraphicsFill IGraphicsPath IGraphicsStroke IGroupingCollection IHierarchicalCollectionView IHierarchicalCollectionViewCursor IHierarchicalData IHistoryManagerClient 
                            IImageEncoder IIMESupport IInvalidating ILayoutManager ILayoutManagerClient IList IListItemRenderer IllegalOperationError ILogger ILoggingTarget 
                            Image ImageSnapshot IME IMEConversionMode IMEEvent IMenuBarItemRenderer IMenuDataDescriptor IMenuItemRenderer IMessage IModuleInfo IMXMLObject IMXMLSupport 
                            IndexChangedEvent InstanceCache InteractiveIcon InteractiveObject InterDragManagerEvent InterManagerRequest InterpolationMethod InvalidateRequestData InvalidCategoryError InvalidChannelError InvalidDestinationError InvalidFilterError InvalidSWFError InvokeEvent InvokeEvent InvokeEventReason 
                            IOError IOErrorEvent IOLAPAttribute IOLAPAxisPosition IOLAPCell IOLAPCube IOLAPCustomAggregator IOLAPDimension IOLAPElement IOLAPHierarchy IOLAPLevel IOLAPMember IOLAPQuery IOLAPQueryAxis IOLAPResult IOLAPResultAxis IOLAPSchema IOLAPSet IOLAPTuple IOverride 
                            IPreloaderDisplay IProgrammaticSkin IPropertyChangeNotifier IRawChildrenContainer IRectangularBorder IRepeater IRepeaterClient IResourceBundle IResourceManager IResponder Iris IrisInstance ISimpleStyleClient 
                            ISOAPDecoder ISOAPEncoder IStackable IStackable2 IStateClient IStroke IStyleClient IStyleModule ISWFBridgeGroup ISWFBridgeProvider ISWFLoader ISystemManager 
                            ItemClickEvent ItemPendingError ItemResponder IToggleButton IToolTip IToolTipManagerClient ITreeDataDescriptor ITreeDataDescriptor2 
                            IUIComponent IUID IUITextField IURIDereferencer IValidatorListener IViewCursor IWindow IXMLDecoder IXMLEncoder IXMLSchemaInstance
                            JointStyle JPEGEncoder JPEGLoaderContext JustificationStyle
                            Kerning Keyboard KeyboardEvent KeyLocation
                            Label LabelAutomationImpl LayoutContainer LayoutManager Legend LegendAutomationImpl LegendData LegendItem LegendItemAutomationImpl LegendMouseEvent 
                            LigatureLevel Linear LinearAxis LinearGradient LinearGradientStroke LineChart LineFormattedTarget LineJustification LineRenderer LineScaleMode LineSeries LineSeriesAutomationImpl LineSeriesItem LineSeriesRenderData LineSeriesSegment 
                            LinkBar LinkBarAutomationImpl LinkButton LinkButtonSkin LinkSeparator 
                            List ListAutomationImpl ListBase ListBaseAutomationImpl ListBaseContentHolder ListBaseContentHolderAutomationImpl ListBaseSeekPending ListBaseSelectionData ListCollectionView ListData ListDropIndicator ListEvent ListEventReason ListItemDragProxy ListItemRenderer ListItemRendererAutomationImpl ListItemSelectEvent ListRowInfo 
                            Loader LoaderConfig LoaderContext LoaderInfo LoaderUtil LoadEvent LoadVoucherSetting LocalConnection Locale Log LogAxis LogEvent LogEventLevel LogLogger
                            MarshalledAutomationEvent MaskEffect MaskEffectInstance Math Matrix Matrix3D MaxAggregator MBeanAttributeInfo MBeanConstructorInfo MBeanFeatureInfo MBeanInfo MBeanOperationInfo MBeanParameterInfo 
                            MemoryError Menu MenuAutomationImpl MenuBar MenuBarAutomationImpl MenuBarBackgroundSkin MenuBarItem MenuBarItemAutomationImpl MenuEvent MenuItemRenderer MenuItemRendererAutomationImpl MenuListData MenuShowEvent 
                            MessageAckEvent MessageAgent MessageEvent MessageFaultEvent MessagePerformanceUtils MessageResponder MessageSerializationError MessagingError MetadataEvent 
                            Microphone MinAggregator MiniDebugTarget Module ModuleBase ModuleEvent ModuleLoader ModuleManager MorphShape Mouse MouseCursor MouseEvent 
                            Move MoveEvent MoveInstance MovieClip MovieClipAsset MovieClipLoaderAsset MultiTopicConsumer MultiTopicProducer
                            Namespace NameUtil NativeApplication NativeDragActions NativeDragEvent NativeDragManager NativeDragOptions NativeMenu NativeMenuItem NativeWindow NativeWindowBoundsEvent NativeWindowDisplayState NativeWindowDisplayStateEvent NativeWindowInitOptions NativeWindowResize NativeWindowSystemChrome NativeWindowType 
                            NavBar NavBarAutomationImpl 
                            NetConnection NetConnectionChannel NetStatusEvent NetStream NetStreamInfo NetStreamPlayOptions NetStreamPlayTransitions NetworkMonitor NewObjectSample NoChannelAvailableError NotificationType 
                            Number NumberBase NumberBaseRoundType NumberFormatter NumberValidator NumericAxis NumericStepper NumericStepperAutomationImpl NumericStepperDownSkin NumericStepperEvent NumericStepperUpSkin
                            Object ObjectEncoding ObjectInstance ObjectName ObjectProxy ObjectUtil 
                            OLAPAttribute OLAPAxisPosition OLAPCell OLAPCube OLAPDataGrid OLAPDataGridAutomationImpl OLAPDataGridGroupRenderer OLAPDataGridGroupRendererAutomationImpl OLAPDataGridHeaderRendererProvider OLAPDataGridItemRendererProvider OLAPDataGridRendererProvider OLAPDimension OLAPElement OLAPHierarchy OLAPLevel OLAPMeasure OLAPMember OLAPQuery OLAPQueryAxis OLAPResult OLAPResultAxis OLAPSchema OLAPSet OLAPTrace OLAPTuple 
                            Operation Operation Operation Operation Operation Orientation3D OutputProgressEvent
                            Panel PanelAutomationImpl PanelSkin Parallel ParallelInstance Pause PauseInstance PerspectiveProjection PhoneFormatter PhoneNumberValidator 
                            PieChart PieSeries PieSeriesAutomationImpl PieSeriesItem PieSeriesRenderData PixelSnapping PlotChart PlotSeries PlotSeriesAutomationImpl PlotSeriesItem PlotSeriesRenderData 
                            PNGEncoder Point PolarChart PolarDataCanvas PolarTransform PollingChannel PopUpButton PopUpButtonAutomationImpl PopUpButtonSkin PopUpIcon PopUpManager PopUpManagerChildList PopUpMenuButton PopUpMenuIcon 
                            Preloader PrintAdvancedDataGrid PrintDataGrid PrintJob PrintJobOptions PrintJobOrientation PrintOLAPDataGrid Producer ProgrammaticSkin 
                            ProgressBar ProgressBarAutomationImpl ProgressBarDirection ProgressBarLabelPlacement ProgressBarMode ProgressBarSkin ProgressEvent ProgressIndeterminateSkin ProgressMaskSkin ProgressTrackSkin 
                            PropertyChangeEvent PropertyChangeEventKind PropertyChanges Proxy
                            QName Quadratic QualifiedResourceManager Quartic Quintic
                            RadialGradient RadioButton RadioButtonAutomationImpl RadioButtonGroup RadioButtonIcon RangeError 
                            Rectangle RectangularBorder RectangularDropShadow ReferenceError ReferencesValidationSetting 
                            RegExp RegExpValidationResult RegExpValidator RemoteObject RemoteObject RemotingMessage 
                            RemoveChild RemoveChildAction RemoveChildActionInstance RemoveItemAction RemoveItemActionInstance 
                            RenderData RenderingMode Repeater RepeaterAutomationImpl Resize ResizeEvent ResizeInstance 
                            ResourceBundle ResourceEvent ResourceManager ResourceManagerImpl Responder Responder ResultEvent RevocationCheckSettings RichTextEditor 
                            Rotate RotateInstance RoundedRectangle RPCObjectUtil RPCStringUtil RPCUIDUtil RSLEvent
                            Sample SampleDataEvent SandboxMouseEvent Scene SchemaTypeRegistry Screen ScreenMouseEvent ScriptTimeoutError 
                            ScrollArrowSkin ScrollBar ScrollBarAutomationImpl ScrollBarDirection ScrollControlBase ScrollControlBaseAutomationImpl ScrollEvent ScrollEventDetail ScrollEventDirection ScrollPolicy ScrollThumb ScrollThumbSkin ScrollTrackSkin 
                            SecureAMFChannel SecureHTTPChannel SecureStreamingAMFChannel SecureStreamingHTTPChannel Security SecurityDomain SecurityError SecurityErrorEvent SecurityPanel SecurityUtil 
                            Sequence SequenceInstance SerializationFilter Series SeriesAutomationImpl SeriesEffect SeriesEffectInstance SeriesInterpolate SeriesInterpolateInstance SeriesSlide SeriesSlideInstance SeriesZoom SeriesZoomInstance 
                            ServerConfig ServiceMonitor SetEventHandler SetProperty SetPropertyAction SetPropertyActionInstance SetStyle SetStyleAction SetStyleActionInstance 
                            SHA256 Shader ShaderData ShaderEvent ShaderFilter ShaderInput ShaderJob ShaderParameter ShaderParameterType ShaderPrecision ShadowBoxItemRenderer ShadowLineRenderer 
                            Shape SharedObject SharedObjectFlushStatus SignatureStatus SignerTrustSettings SimpleButton SimpleXMLDecoder SimpleXMLEncoder Sine 
                            Slider SliderAutomationImpl SliderDataTip SliderDirection SliderEvent SliderEventClickTarget SliderHighlightSkin SliderLabel SliderThumb SliderThumbSkin SliderTrackSkin 
                            SOAPFault SOAPHeader SOAPMessage SocialSecurityValidator Socket SocketMonitor SolidColor Sort SortError SortField SortInfo 
                            Sound SoundAsset SoundChannel SoundCodec SoundEffect SoundEffectInstance SoundLoaderContext SoundMixer SoundTransform SpaceJustifier 
                            Spacer SpreadMethod Sprite SpriteAsset 
                            SQLCollationType SQLColumnNameStyle SQLColumnSchema SQLConnection SQLError SQLErrorEvent SQLErrorOperation SQLEvent SQLIndexSchema SQLMode SQLResult SQLSchema SQLSchemaResult SQLStatement SQLTableSchema SQLTransactionLockType SQLTriggerSchema SQLUpdateEvent SQLViewSchema 
                            StackedSeries StackFrame StackOverflowError Stage StageAlign StageDisplayState StageQuality StageScaleMode State StateChangeEvent StaticText StatusBar StatusBarBackgroundSkin StatusEvent StatusFileUpdateErrorEvent StatusFileUpdateEvent StatusUpdateErrorEvent StatusUpdateEvent 
                            StreamingAMFChannel StreamingConnectionHandler StreamingHTTPChannel String StringUtil StringValidator Stroke 
                            StyleEvent StyleManager StyleProxy StyleSheet SubscriptionInfo SumAggregator SummaryField SummaryObject SummaryRow 
                            SwatchPanelSkin SwatchSkin SWFBridgeEvent SWFBridgeGroup SWFBridgeRequest SWFLoader SWFLoaderAutomationImpl SWFVersion SwitchSymbolFormatter 
                            SyncEvent SyntaxError System SystemManager SystemTrayIcon
                            TabAlignment TabBar TabNavigator TabNavigatorAutomationImpl TabSkin TabStop 
                            Text TextArea TextAreaAutomationImpl TextBaseline TextBlock TextColorType TextDisplayMode TextElement TextEvent TextExtent 
                            TextField TextFieldAsset TextFieldAutomationHelper TextFieldAutoSize TextFieldType TextFormat TextFormatAlign TextInput TextInputAutomationImpl TextJustifier 
                            TextLine TextLineCreationResult TextLineMetrics TextLineMirrorRegion TextLineValidity TextRange TextRenderer TextRotation TextSelectionEvent TextSnapshot 
                            Tile TileBase TileBaseAutomationImpl TileBaseDirection TileDirection TileList TileListItemRenderer TileListItemRendererAutomationImpl Timer TimerEvent TitleBackground TitleBar TitleWindow 
                            ToggleButtonBar ToggleButtonBarAutomationImpl ToolTip ToolTipAutomationImpl ToolTipBorder ToolTipEvent ToolTipManager 
                            TraceTarget Transform Transition Tree TreeAutomationImpl TreeEvent TreeItemRenderer TreeItemRendererAutomationImpl TreeListData TriangleCulling TriangleItemRenderer 
                            Tween TweenEffect TweenEffectInstance TweenEvent TypeError TypographicCase
                            UIComponent UIComponentAutomationImpl UIComponentCachePolicy UIComponentDescriptor UIDUtil UIMovieClip UIMovieClipAutomationImpl UITextField UITextFieldAutomationImpl UITextFormat 
                            UnconstrainItemAction UnconstrainItemActionInstance UpdateEvent Updater URIError URLLoader 
                            URLLoaderDataFormat URLMonitor URLRequest URLRequestDefaults URLRequestHeader URLRequestMethod URLStream URLUtil URLVariables Utils3D
                            ValidationResult ValidationResultEvent Validator VBox VDividedBox Vector Vector3D VerifyError Video VideoDisplay VideoDisplayAutomationImpl VideoError VideoEvent ViewStack ViewStackAutomationImpl 
                            VRule VScrollBar VSlider
                            WebService WebService WedgeItemRenderer 
                            Window WindowBackground WindowCloseButtonSkin WindowedApplication WindowedSystemManager WindowMaximizeButtonSkin WindowMinimizeButtonSkin WindowRestoreButtonSkin 
                            WipeDown WipeDownInstance WipeLeft WipeLeftInstance WipeRight WipeRightInstance WipeUp WipeUpInstance WSDLBinding WSDLLoadEvent
                            XML XMLDocument XMLList XMLListCollection XMLLoadEvent XMLNode XMLNodeType XMLSignatureValidator XMLSocket XMLUtil
                            ZipCodeFormatter ZipCodeValidator ZipCodeValidatorDomainType Zoom ZoomInstance

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                              Sep 16, 2011#14

                              I've created a new AS3 (ActionScript 3) word file, has a lot of extras that AS3 has, doesn't quite detect functions correctly as the reg ex for this is beyond me (getters and setters are just listed as get and set) but has some 3rd party apis in there like away3d and greensock.

                     ... =0&aid=290

                              Happy coding.