After saving a file UES 6.10 is blocked for seconds

After saving a file UES 6.10 is blocked for seconds


    Feb 27, 2007#1

    Hi all,

    I'm working with UEStudio 06.10b+1, German Version.

    The following problem occurred while working with a CVS enabled project:

    Language: PHP
    No of Files: 1794
    No of Folder: 197
    Files saved on local disk

    After saving a file, it takes UES about 15-20 seconds to come back. Meaning that it is impossible to do anything with UES until the save operation is completed.

    Symbol cache is on and automatic parsing is disabled.

    The problem is reproducible.

    Files outside the project opened within the same instance do not produce such a delay!

    Hope I have added sufficient information, if not please leave me a note for additional information.

    Greetings, Axel [maeeh]

    Grand MasterGrand Master

      Feb 27, 2007#2

      Use free tool Filemon (old) or Process Monitor (new) from Sysinternals (Microsoft) to log what happens when you save a file. I don't have any experience with a CVS system.

      There is setting Auto re-parse documents when saved at Advanced - Configuration - IDE - IntelliTips - Parser which results in re-parsing a just saved file for symbols (variables, functions, ...). The cache should be used when working with project files on a network drive.

      There are some settings at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - File Tree View which can speed up file handling with Explorer tab opened in Workspace Manager respectively File Tree View respectively File View. Open help for this configuration dialog and read about the settings.


        Feb 27, 2007#3

        Good idea,

        it seems that UEStudio rereads all the files from the project after saving a single file.

        Is there an option/setting to avoid this?

        Another thing I currently found.

        It seems that this only happens when there is an additional directory opened within the Explorer tab.

        I will keep on monitoring this behaviour.