Block Comment - Changed in v2022?

Block Comment - Changed in v2022?

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    Jan 16, 2023#1

    I just upgraded to UE 2022 from v26 and had to fiddle with my syntax highlighting to deal with changes between the versions.

    Something I have not been able to resolve is what looks like a change to "Block Comment" rendering.

    ue comment.png (2.21KiB)

    ue comment2.png (1.54KiB)
    The background extends past the last character on the line.

    A less problematic but similar change is with the PHP end code:
    ue comment4.png (1.11KiB)

    ue comment3.png (917Bytes)
    But this only happens if the ?> is on the last line.

    So, are these new features, or is there an adjustment I can make in my configuration?

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      Jan 17, 2023#2

      That difference in background highlighting is not a new feature and is not customizable, it is just the result of the rewritten syntax highlighting. There are many syntax highlighting changes as documented in text file changes.txt in program files directory of UltraEdit and on the new feature tour page and the latest changes page.

      I have not yet found out all changes and really new features. It is possible to define a Block Comment On string which begins with the same characters as a Line Comment (LUA syntax) since UltraEdit for Windows v2022.0. It is possible to define words in the color groups containing one or more word delimiters since UltraEdit for Windows v2022.1 as used the first time in css.uew installed with v2022.2.

      On the other hand some bugs were found by users and are continuously fixed by the UltraEdit developers on being reported by users by email to UltraEdit support. I know one syntax highlighting bug which is not yet fixed as detected and reported by me: syntax highlighting of strings between two identical marker characters is currently not working in UltraEdit for Windows, i.e. an environment variable reference between two percent signs in a batch file.

      You could report that difference in background highlighting by email to UltraEdit support. I don't know which background highlighting is better. That seems to be a matter of taste as both are in my opinion not really wrong.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria