Can I change the need for "erase" ?

Can I change the need for "erase" ?


    Jan 30, 2007#1

    Hi, after a long time, I managed to build a working application file for my WinAVR-compiler.

    But 1 mistake is remaining:
    Whenever I choose build all (menu is in German), the compiler gives me lots of errors like this ....

    /usr/bin/sh: erase: command not found
    ...\make.exe [CLEAN] error 127 (ignored)

    The problem must be coming from UEStudio, because the CLEAN section in the makefile is generated by UEStudio and I don't find any place in the application-file which has to do with this.

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      Nov 30, 2007#2

      Do you still have this problem?

      Erase is a Windows standard command like del and so it should work.

      The file "project name.mev" contains the environment variables used when running mymake.exe with the makefile. For my DJGPP project it contains PATH with my Windows standard path expanded with the DJGPP\bin and the UEStudio program directory before the standard PATH directories. It contains also the correct DJGPP directories for environment variables INCLUDE and LIB.

      So there is no problem when I use Build - Clean with Erase command in "project name.mak".
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria

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        Dec 01, 2007#3

        I think that erase (like del) is an internal command for cmd.exe - there is no erase.exe executable. Since it looks like the OP is using some other command interpreter (/usr/bin/sh), that's why erase is not found.