Cannot recover files opened by SFTP

Cannot recover files opened by SFTP


    Apr 17, 2015#1

    Is there a reason why UltraEdit does not create recovery files in %TEMP% when the file was opened via SFTP?

    I do not understand why there is such a restriction.

    Files do get created in %TEMP% when I create a new blank file or open a local file.


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      Apr 18, 2015#2

      begin_etienne wrote:Is there a reason why UltraEdit does not create recovery files in %TEMP% when the file was opened via SFTP?
      This question can be answered most likely only by IDM. I don't think any user here in user-to-user forum has an answer for this question.

      But you are right, UltraEdit does not offer to recover a file opened via FTP/SFTP/FTPS although it could be done because of missing recovery information while a temporary file is created containing latest modifications.

      A local or network file is opened on using temporary files with creating a copy in %TEMP% with name of original file and as file extension an incrementing number in case of two index.html are opened for example in UltraEdit at the same time. Modifications are written to those temporary files. Additionally a *file name.RAC file is created on first modification of a file in a hidden subdirectory of used INI file containing additional information to recover the file in case of an UltraEdit crash, Windows crash or power loss. This binary file contains for example temporary file name with path and original file name with path. Everything else is not readable. The information in the *file name.RAC file together with the contents of the temporary file in %TEMP% is used to recover latest changes after an abnormal UltraEdit termination.

      When a file is opened via FTP/SFTP/FTPS, UltraEdit creates in %TEMP% a subdirectory with file nameX.extension with X being an incrementing number and in this subdirectory the downloaded file is stored as temporary file with all modifications applied to this file. What UltraEdit does not create is the *file name.RAC file for this file opened via FTP/SFTP/FTPS with information required to associate the temporary file with the appropriate account, path and file name on remote server.

      Therefore I suggest to put your question to IDM support by email in form of a feature/enhancement request. At top of this page there is the email us directly mailto link.

      As we all now know that for each FTP/SFTP/FTPS loaded file a temporary file is created in a subdirectory of %TEMP%, we are in the meantime able to recover those files in case of an abnormal UltraEdit termination by ourselves by moving those temporary files to a directory, deleting the subdirectories, opening the moved files, finishing editing and finally uploading the recovered and completed files to server as long as we know from which server/path each manually recovered file was downloaded before.

      For example from server was opened cfg/hardware.ini stored and updated by UltraEdit in %TEMP%\hardware0.ini\hardware.ini. This temporary file is moved after an abnormal UE termination to C:\Temp\hardware.ini and subdirectory hardware0.ini in %TEMP% is deleted. Then C:\Temp\hardware.ini is opened in UE for verification of latest saved changes and finishing editing. Finally this file is uploaded to server replacing there cfg/hardware.ini.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria


        Apr 21, 2015#3


        Thanks for spending time sharing this thorough answer! I will submit an enhancement request.