Command line parameters for UltraFinder?

Command line parameters for UltraFinder?


    Jul 03, 2020#1

    UltraFinder (x64)  /  Version | Windows 10 Pro / Version 1909


    Does UltraFInder have any command line arguments or shell integration?

    A file finder that I used for many years puts an entry in Explorer's right click menu. If you right click on a file or a folder, or a group of files and folders, you can launch that file finder.

    When that file finder comes up, the list of places to search is already filled in. You still need to file in the rest of search parameters.

    It's a really handy feature. It's much quicker than (1) Find the shortcut or start menu entry for the file finder, (2) launch the file finder, (3) browse in the file finder for the places to search.

    If UltraFInder has command line arguments or shell integration, you could setup the same functionality.


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