Compare Text Files from FTP

Compare Text Files from FTP


    Oct 13, 2004#1

    After UltraCompare Pro installation, I used UltraEdit to pull text files from Unix and compared. Text Compare window came up blank. The compare option worked with UltraCompare Lite before UltraCompare Pro was installed.

    On Text Compare window if I changed the file type from ANSI to UTF-8 and the text would come up! So, from now on I have to change the file type to UTF-8 every time I compare text.

    Does anyone know how to make this file type change permanently or have any other solutions?

    UltraEdit 10.10b
    UltraCompare Pro 2.0
    Windows XP Professional
    HP Unix


      Oct 14, 2004#2

      After I upgraded UltraEdit to 10.20c and problem went away.
      No longer had to switch from ANSI to UTF8 inside UltraCompare Professional to view text pulled from Unix via FTP.


        Feb 28, 2005#3

        I have the same problem when I compare 2 files across a Samba (windows) share to a Linux machine. I select left and right files, but the response always is:

        Text in the left window
        An empty right window
        A message at the bottom of the screen that says "Nothing to compare".

        If I use file explorer to drag/drop the files onto the windows machine, the compare works correctly, regardless of if I convert to DOS format or not. This is a major problem moving files back and forth just so I can compare them.

        UE 11.00 + Hotfix 02-17-2005
        UC 2.00b

          Feb 28, 2005#4

          Upon further testing, it appears the problem is only with files that I do not have "Write" permission to. So, basically, read-only files won't compare.