Compile code on DB - Oracle

Compile code on DB - Oracle


    Feb 08, 2006#1

    I have one problem.
    I would like use UEStudio(UltraEdit) for work vith DB objects. I heve procedure or function or package and I wont run tis code no DB(Oracle).
    Everetihing is OK, but I need run this code on meny DB with meny users. For example I have 7 develop DB - every DB vith 3 users - schemas and 4 testing DB with other 2 users - schemas. I create tool DB1-A where DB1 is name of DB and A is name of schema. But I need run procedure on DB1-A,DB1-B,DB1-C...
    I can run tool DB1-A,DB1-B,DB1-C. But, for another procedure a need run tull DB-12-G. And this is problem. I can have only 10 tools. I search solution, where I have dynamic parameter in command line in 1 tool. But this is not working how I wont. Parameter %modify% is modifing all line of command line. Not only position, where is write. For example:
    C:\oracle\ora81\bin\sqlplus.exe %modify% %f where %modify% is loggin (user/password@database) and %f is name of file. But this not work how I need - how I can :(. I have idea, that parameter %modify% show dialog, where I write only loggin. After this - Comand line in execute will by C:\oracle\ora81\bin\sqlplus.exe scott/tiger@test test.sql. And - with dhis solution, I can only one tool vith dynamic parameter and I can use this one tool for every databases.

    What are you thinking about this function? It is real that will by add in UltraEdit or UEStudio?

    Thank for your opinion.

    PS: Sorry for my English. I know that is bad :P

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      Feb 09, 2006#2

      You can expand the 10 tools by adding an empty project which gives you 10 additional project user tools.

      For the %modify% problem use a macro. It's possible to run a user tool from within a macro. With a macro you can prepare the command line parameters for the tool like you need it. You have to use %sel% instead of %modify% in the tool command line. Here is an example of such a macro.

      Clipboard 9
      Clipboard 0
      "" "
      GetString "Enter user/password:"
      RunTool "Your Tool 1"
      CloseFile NoSave

      This macro copies the file name with full path of the current file to user clipboard 9. Next it creates a temporary new file, inserts a ", pastes the file name, inserts closing " and a space, asks the user for his name and password, adds the database name, selects the whole string created and runs the tool with the current selected text if the tool has %sel% as command line parameter. "Your Tool 1" is the case-sensitive name of your tool. Last after the tool has finished the temporary file is discarded.

      You can assign hotkeys for the tool running macros or you can always open the macro list to run the macro you need with a simple mouse click or can use the Macro - Play Any/Multiple Times... dialog to run your tools.
      Best regards from an UC/UE/UES for Windows user from Austria