compiler paths...other than the 40 built-in pre-assigned

compiler paths...other than the 40 built-in pre-assigned


    Jan 31, 2006#1

    I am trying to install a new compiler and have followed everything in the help topic titled "Adding A New Compiler" (unless i overlooked something - but i dont' think so).

    I used the "Win32 Console Application" configuration of the "Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler" compiler as a template, making a compiler directory called "Atmel WinCUPL Compiler" and a configuration called "WinCUPL PLD File".

    I've performed extensive experimenting with a copy of the console app config file and together with the UE help file have interpreted and understood most everything (option/variable/filegroup/command section/...) in the config file. Most everything.

    The thing that i can not seem to figure out is this: how the heck does UE know where the 'cl.exe' executable is. when i open up the "Set Compiler Paths" is not in there with the 40 built-in defaults.

    now I know that my path is setup for command line compiling - so i *thought* UE was using the path environment variable. i decided to test this theory by changing my path to point to a bogus folder "...\VC99\Bin\". sure enough when i reboot, then re-open UE, then press 'F9' and execute 'set', the output shows a path with the bogus value.........YET UE projects CAN STILL FIND cl.exe and build!!!!!!!!!

    how?!?!?!?.......and how can i have my compiler treated the same way?

    i am desperate to solve this problem because my new compiler is setup for command line work using environment variables, but when i make a "Cmd0" entry like those in my chosen template (using just the exe name) i get this error: "'cupl' is not recognized as an internal or external command".

    attempted line: Cmd0 = cupl -al $I

    thank you in advance for any insight,


      Feb 01, 2006#2

      What you need to do is forget about the Set Compiler Paths dialog. Instead, use Build -> Select Compiler

      (this assumes that you have made a subdirectory for your new compiler in C:\Program Files\IDM COMPUTER SOLUTIONS\UEStudio\configs\)

      You should see your 'new' compiler on the left (if you don't, you did something wrong)

      You should then be able to edit the configuration of the compiler on the right (one of the variables is CPATH)

      This is all pretty well documented in the Compiler Configuration Editor entry in the help file.

      Good Luck