Debugger in PHP

Debugger in PHP


    Sep 06, 2005#1

    Do you plan to add a debugger for PHP? UEStudio will be a very good IDE for PHP with this feature.


      Jan 06, 2006#2

      I am testing 05.10 Beta 1 and there is no debugger.

      PHP debugging does not come in an .exe format to my knowledge; thus it would rather be hard to do with UEStudio.



        Nov 02, 2006#3

        The link below is to a PHP debugger that has a free version. The webpage says that it can be used from within an IDE. I am not a PHP programmer, but perhaps this program or one like it may help.

        PHP Debugger


          Jul 15, 2009#4

          Greetings all,

          I'm using UEStudio 9.10 which should have debugging support for PHP, see power tip Using the integrated PHP debugger.

          However, I followed all steps as described and still find breakpoints don't work, which makes the debugger useless  :( .

          Now I doubt there is much wrong with my setup, for I also tried NotePad++ with the DBGP plugin using the very same settings and that does work as expected. No problems setting breakpoints there, though I'd prefer UltraEdit.

          Shortlist of system: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (32 bit) under VMWare Player, Microsoft IIS 6.0, PHP 5.2.9, XDebug 2.0.5, MySQL 5.1.34-community.

          Anyone any thoughts why my breakpoints don't work?


            Aug 30, 2011#5

            Another question:


            Client side:
            UEStudio '11 Development Environment, Version

            Server side:
            Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 server
            apache2 + php5 + php5_xdebug

            I try to debug a php script. I noticed that UEStudio listens only on localhost ( network interface. So I cannot do a remote debug session with my Ubuntu server. This renders the xdebug remote capability useless.

            I know that my xdebug settings are ok, because I verified them by starting a debug session with XdebugClient v1.0 Beta 3.

            I want to to debug in UEStudio, that's why I bought it in the first place. How can I enable UEStudio to work as it should.
            Checked the manual that comes with UEStudio, but found no solution. Did I forgot some setting or maybe something else?

            Installing apache server on my Client is not an option.

            Thank you.