Deprecated GNU GCC Compiler flags

Deprecated GNU GCC Compiler flags


    Jul 28, 2005#1

    Hello IDM DevTeam,

    please note that for GCC Version above 3.4 the -mcpu=<arch> is deprecated.
    Please use mtune=<arch> or march=<arch>

    Also where should I add the <INCLUDE> files? I didn't found a setting to put the lookup path of include files or libaries



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      Aug 07, 2005#2

      Hello Greets.

      I am having the same problem re: <INCLUDE> files ... apparently, UEStudio cannot find them if they are in a separate folder from the source files.

      You might be able to make this work by looking at another message of mine under the "Projects / Solutions" header (not sure if that is the exact name) ... you will probably need to add these via an additional key such as "Additional Include Directories". At least I have been able to tell the compiler where to look for them, unfortunately, the UEStudio IDE doesn't know yet... :(

      Let us know if you get stuck ...