Display compared file name in the output file (solved)

Display compared file name in the output file (solved)


    Dec 27, 2012#1

    Hello Seniors,

    I have a query (may sound little too basic).

    How to provide the compared file name in the output file?

    As I have around 100 files and I have created a batch and now want to run it through. Now if I run it then output file will display the difference accordingly. But I want to insert the file name also in the beginning.

    I have following command:
    @echo off
    uc -t "D:\Test1\Smile1.pdf" "D:\Test2\Smile2.pdf" -ne -o "D:\Test\output.txt"
    uc -t "D:\Test1\Smile3.pdf" "D:\Test2\Smile4.pdf" -ne -o "D:\Test\output.txt"

    But I want to display the compared file name also in the output file (i.e. in output.txt).
    Kindly help

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      Dec 28, 2012#2

      There are 4 different output formats. All of them contain at top the names of the compared files. But you are right, there is a problem with comparing PDF files as UC must extract the text within the PDF files to temporary files. On comparison of PDF files the output file contains the names of the temporary files instead of the PDF files. The name of temporary files are of no use for anybody. I will report this special issue to IDM support by email.

      You can workaround this issue with following commands in your batch file:

      @echo off
      echo [ 1 ] D:\Test1\Smile1.pdf>D:\Test\output1.txt
      echo [ 2 ] D:\Test2\Smile2.pdf>>D:\Test\output1.txt

      uc -t "D:\Test1\Smile1.pdf" "D:\Test2\Smile2.pdf" -ne -op "D:\Test\output1.txt"
      echo [ 1 ] D:\Test1\Smile3.pdf>D:\Test\output2.txt
      echo [ 2 ] D:\Test2\Smile4.pdf>>D:\Test\output2.txt

      uc -t "D:\Test1\Smile3.pdf" "D:\Test2\Smile4.pdf" -ne -op "D:\Test\output2.txt"

      The echo commands write 2 lines at top of the 2 output files with the names of the PDF files compared and UC appends the output of the comparisons.

      Update: The workaround is not required anymore for UltraCompare Professional v14.00 and later versions as the file names of the compared *.doc, *.docx and *.pdf files are written now into the results file instead of the file names of the temporary files containing the plain text used for comparison.