Dockable tabs not being saved (solved)

Dockable tabs not being saved (solved)


    Feb 20, 2019#1

    Just got myself a new ThinkPad X1, same specifications as my other workstation. Installed UltraEdit and imported the settings and templates. All works well except for the dockable tabs.

    They are, after I imported my settings, loaded as my other workstation configuration. Template list, script list and so on tabbed to the sides.
    However, when I close UltraEdit and restart it, they are gone and only File View opens on the left (which I didn't even open in the original setup).

    When I manually open my dockable tab list all works. But they are gone when I close and reopen UE. All other settings seem to persist.

    Any ideas?

      Feb 21, 2019#2

      I think, I found a solution.

      I don't see how this can be technically related but enabling "Override high DPI scaling" seems to fix this issue.

      First figured it couldn't save settings or something but I run a highly customized UE and all other changes I made to they settings, fonts and theme got saved correctly. 
      Then I got into tuning the fonts and ran into the Override DPI option and I suddenly noticed my dockable tabs/windows remained after a reboot.
      Played around with it for a while and this indeed does the trick.

      Can anyone explain me (on a technical level) how these two are related?